Climate Change and Its Impact on Earthquakes

The first month of 2023 shakes the Land of Papua with earthquakes in Jayapura, Papua. An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 occurred on Monday, January 2, 2022, at 01.24 AM, eastern Indonesia time (GMT+9). Head of the Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Daryono said the earthquake that occurred was […]

IRI: Interfaith Initiative Invites People to Defend the Forests

Religion and nature are often understood as separate things and not connected to one another. Even though there is a strong connection between these two things because religion contributes greatly to regulating perceptions, morals, and human behavior in protecting and preserving nature through its teachings. This is what prompted the establishment of the Interfaith Rainforest […]

Climate Change Threatens Fishermen, the Climate Justice Law is Crucial

The impact of climate change is increasingly being felt, especially among traditional fishermen and coastal communities in Indonesia. As the most threatened community, fishermen have also made a number of efforts to slow down the climate crisis. One of the things is to open a space for discussion to increase public awareness and knowledge about […]

Menginang: Caring the Culture, Empowering the Land of Papua

The culture of chewing areca nuts (menginang) is inherent among the people’s life of Tanah Papua, especially those who live close to the coast. Even though this custom is widely practiced by people in other areas, in Papua menginang should not be missed. Usually, it is only the elderly people who do menginang in other […]

Sail to Campus Calls Warmadewa University to Speak Up for the Sea

The climate crisis impact has been factually happening today, especially in an archipelagic country like Indonesia. The main researcher of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Eddy Hermawan said that around 115 medium and small islands in Indonesia are in danger of disappearing and sinking due to the rising sea levels impacted by rapid […]

Youth Voices to Save Eastern Indonesia

From the past until now, the sensitivity and desire of young people to be involved in solving various problems that exist in Indonesia have been flourishing. The sensitivity and action of young people have also emerged in dealing with environmental issues, especially in protecting the nature of Tanah Papua and the Maluku Islands, which are […]

Future Young Leader Not Impossibility

James Canton, an American futurologist, stated his prediction in his book entitled “The Extreme Future” that there are ten challenges for human in 2025. Some of them deals with climate change, energy crisis, terrorism threat, globalization and cultural conflict, and technological advancement. Regarding those challenges, Indonesia requires robust foundation to survive in such a condition. […]

35 Indonesian Youths Prepared for Being Green Diplomat

Despite the country’s attribute for its ample biodiversity, empirically Indonesia’s nature is under threats of climate crisis and business practices that are not sustainable, exploitative, and destructive. Some of them are like mining and palm oil plantation expansion that have brought about forest degradation, as well as overfishing that destroys sea resources and ecosystems. On […]

Enthusiasm of Mangrove Class at Jamnas XI 2022

After the Covid-19 pandemic petered out, 2022 became a special year for all Scout members throughout Indonesia because there was a grand event of the XI National Scout Jamboree (Jamnas) on August 14-20, 2022. Activities at the Campground and Tourism (Bumi Perkemahan dan Wisata/Buperta) Cibubur, Jakarta, were attended by 11,506 Scouts at the Penggalang level […]

Potency of Indonesian Tuna and Huhate Fishers’ Fate

As a maritime country with abundant sea potency, Indonesia is deemed the largest producer of tuna with big opportunity to lead the global market of tuna. Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, data Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2020 show that Indonesia has 20 percent contribution to the global need for tuna, skipjack, and […]

Plastic Free Rally Calling Producer to Stop Sachet

Plastic waste has now become one of the largest antagonists to both land, sea, and aerial environment. Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry shows that as from 68.5 millions of the total waste in Indonesia in 2021, 17 percent or 11.6 million tons is plastic waste. As of the amount, at least only […]