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Protecting Paradise in

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Caring for Nature with EcoNusa Foundation

EcoNusa has been focusing on sustainable natural resource management in Eastern Indonesia (Maluku and Papua) for years, and working closely with the local community.

With the values of sovereignty, sustainability, conservation, and collaboration, we work with stakeholders of many levels, whether on the ground or in government, ranging from local, national, up to international levels to promote the conservation of our nature and culture.

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Ko masih tra percaya Krisis Iklim?

698 views Jun 5th, 2023

Su banyak bukti bahwa krisis iklim sudah mulai terjadi. Kam masih belum percayakah?

Di Hari Lingkungan Sedunia ini, mari torang baku dukung jaga alam supaya anak cucu masih bisa nikmati alam seperti sekarang. #BeradatJagaHutan #BeradatJagaLaut #DefendingParadise

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Let’s jointly protect the forest and ocean in Eastern Indonesia

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