Recognizing Land, Prospering Community

Equitable and sustainable natural resources management in Tanah Papua will never be implemented without recognition of indigenous people and customary land. The recognition here is important as the existing land and natural resources define the future of indigenous people that have nurtured nature from generation to generation. 

For people in Tanah Papua, land is deemed a mother who provides source of life. Therefore, no land has no owner. Every land ownership in the land of Cenderawasih has been divided into clans. 

“We seek life in the forest”

Customary Area Mapping to Reinforce Community

Defending the remaining forests in eastern Indonesia, particularly in Tanah Papua, ensures and assures the indigenous people right to life and this is EcoNusa’s focus. The certainty of right begins from customary area and the existence of indigenous people up to the certainty in management of the existing forest and natural resources. One of the effective ways is by doing participatory mapping of customary areas to assure the boundaries of their lives sphere. 

Customary Area Mapping

Impact of Indigenous People Reinforcement

Mapped Customary Area


Mapped Customary Community


Mapped Village


Mapped District


Phase of Indigenous People Proposition


Consisting of:

  1. Assesment
  2. Free, Prior, and Inform Consent (FPIC)
  3. Development of Follow-up Plan 


Consisting of: 

  1. Customary area mapping
  2. Identification of property and wealth
  3. Organization of history and profile
  4. Organization of customary institution and rules
  5. Traditional court for right recognition

Proposition to Regent

Submission of indigenous people document

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