School of Eco-Involvement

School of Eco-Involvement (SEI) is a capacity building program to promote social justice and develop competent local cadres who have serious concern with their villages in Eastern Indonesia.

About the School of Eco-Involvement

In collaboration with the Rainforest Foundation Norway, EcoNusa has developed an initiative called the Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility (EIFF) which aims to materialize sovereignty of natural resources in sustainable and equitable way in Eastern Indonesia (Papua and Maluku). The five-year program is designed to run from 2019 to 2024.

One of the core elements of this initiative is the Eco-Involvement School. The School is built to strengthen the resilience of local communities in managing, protecting, and utilizing natural resources in their traditional management areas. To meet this objective, one of the important tasks at hand is to prepare local villagers and government officials so that they have a comprehensive understanding of their living space, environment, and various resources of livelihoods.

There are four types of priorities in the implementation of the School of Eco-Involvement:





School of Eco-Involvement Activities

The Social Transformation School (STS)

The Social Transformation School is an educational activity designed for young local cadres who have been mandated by their village heads or community leaders to work on village development in accordance with the previously-designed scheme in this activity.

Village School

The Village School is an on-the-ground educational activity in which young local cadres are assigned to assist the local community for three months based on the local needs.

Workshop for Village Heads and Community Leaders

The Village Head and Community Leader Workshop serves to bridge the implementation of activities from the School of Eco-Involvement program attended by village residents.

School of Involvement

School of Involvement is an advanced educational activity for selected alumni of the School of Social Transformation who will actively manage the Village School.


11 - 25 November 2019
The School of Eco-Involvement Piloted in West Papua
We organized the Village Head Workshop and the School of Social Transformation (STS) in Klayili Village, Klayili District, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. Ten villages, namely Klayili, Malawer, Klasuat, Kwakeik, Klatomok, Malalilis, Mlaswat, Kamandu Tetar, Suswa, and Kombif, participated in the workshop.
1 - 14 November 2020
Following the COVID-19 pandemic slowdown, the second STS was conducted in Papua
The second Social Transformation School activity was held in Wendu Hamlet, Waninggap Nanggo Village, Semangga District, Merauke Regency, Papua Province, with 10 participating villages, namely Bupul, Kweel, Erambu, Toray, Poo, Sota, Yanggandur, Urumb, Matara, and Waninggap Nanggo. Participants were divided into two classes, namely Organic Agriculture class and Mappin /Database class.
7 - 22 November 2020
The School of Eco-Involvement Piloted in Maluku
The activity was held in Samo Village, North West Gane District, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. Participants came from 7 villages, namely Samo, Gumira, Posi-posi, Samat, Gane Dalam, Gane Luar, and Pasir Putih. The 30 participants were divided into three classes, namely Organic Food Agricultural Technology class, Multipurpose Dryer Technology class, and Biogas class.
4 - 25 Februari 2021
A series of activities was carried out in Morekau Village, West Seram District, West Seram Regency, Maluku Province. Participants came from 13 villages, namely Morekau, Nuruwe, Buria, Rambatu, Manusa, Lumoli, Lohiatala, Uweth, Minor Huku, Big Huku (Ankota Huku), Neniari, Kamal, and Alang Asahude. Participants were divided into three classes, namely Agriculture class, Solar Dryer class and Biogas class.
21 Juni - 16 Juli 2021
A series of activities was carried out in Sisir II Village, Kaimana District, Kaimana City, West Papua Province. Participants came from 12 villages, namely Sisir II, Marsi, Mai-mai, Kooy, Yarona, Edor, Guriasa, Manggera, Kufuryai, Egerwara, Wermenu, and Seraran. Participants were divided into two classes, namely Organic Food Agricultural Technology class and Renewable Solar Dryer Dome Technology class.

School of Eco-Involvement Impact


Across Sorong, Merauke, Halmahera, Seram, and Kaimana

Classes from 5 STS activities

Across Sorong, Merauke, Halmahera, Seram dan Kaimana


Young Local Cadres for Village Development

Villages Assisted by the School of Eco-Involvement


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