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EcoNusa Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to enhance various local initiatives of Tanah Papua and Maluku at national and international levels in an effort to provide support for sustainable management of natural resources in Indonesia. EcoNusa encourages the development of the capacity of civil society organizations to conduct advocacy, campaigns, communication, stakeholder engagement, and dialogue among stakeholders to meet the sustainable management of natural resources and promote transparency, conservation, and equality values. To achieve its mission, EcoNusa carries out several programs including: Local Community Resilience, Policy Advocacy, Eastern Indonesia Communication Center, Local Economic Development, and youth environmental leadership.

The Econusa urgently invites the best, most-talented and highly-motivated individuals to apply for the following vacancies:

Post title : Senior Accounting Officer

Supervisor : Finance Coordinator

Duty Station : Jakarta

Job Type : Full Time (1 year) 



This position is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely processing, reporting, and monitoring of financial transactions, EcoNusa accounting, as well as implementing financial and accountability procedures.


  1. Manage EcoNusa financial transactions in accordance with ISAK-35 and/or other IAI standards and refer to established SOPs.
  2. Input budget data for all EcoNusa projects into the SANGO accounting system in accordance with EcoNusa policies.
  3. Checking and ensuring the completeness of all financial transaction documents before being input into the accounting software system and before being entered into the owner archives.
  4. Input the journal of all daily financial transactions into the financial accounting software system in accordance with the budget account code for each activity/program/donor that has been determined.
  5. Coordinate with the Finance Coordinator to close the books on the “SANGO” financial software based on the results of the final audit report.
  6. Print and sign all incoming/outgoing Bank Vouchers, Down Payments, Accountability for Advance Payments, and General Journals then submitted to the Finance Coordinator and Director of Operations for approval.
  7. Conduct Bank Reconciliation for all Econusa projects periodically every month.
  8. Export financial report data, activity reports and balance sheets from the SANGO Accounting software system periodically or incidentally according to organizational needs to be submitted to the Finance Coordinator.
  9. Download and send monthly account statements and send credit advice for every incoming fund and transaction notifications.
  10. Prepare a BvA (Budget versus Actual) report for each project every month and send it to the Finance Coordinator no later than the 5th of the following month.
  11. Helping the Finance Coordinator to prepare reports for each project according to the specified contract period.
  12. Helping the Finance Coordinator to prepare financial data for the smooth implementation of organizational financial audits by external auditors.
  13. Prepare transaction vouchers (incoming bank, outgoing bank, general journal) according to their designation.
  14. Archiving all Project financial transaction documents in accordance with the provisions in force at Econusa.
  15. Other duties from the immediate supervisor.



  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  • Have knowledge of accounting principles, practices, standards, laws and financial regulations for non-profit organizations.
  • Have knowledge and skills in preparing financial reports according to standards (Balance Sheet Report, Activity Report, Cash Flow Report and Budget versus Actual Report) and report analysis.
  • Have Knowledge of Indonesian income tax (Pph21), Pph 23 (final) and (pph26) regulations and practices.
  • Minimum 5 (five) years of accounting work experience in the development sector, direct experience in handling large and long-term projects from international donors will be an advantage.
  • Have a good working knowledge of spoken and written English and Indonesian.
  • Ability to work effectively under very demanding situations with minimum supervision.
  • Efficient, competent and has integrity.
  • Good interpersonal skills, team player, proven record of working collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals and ensure timely delivery of results.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage complexity, high attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, especially Excel, Word, and Power Point.
  • Experience with SANGO accounting software programs.



Internal: Close coordination with Econusa Staffs

External: Close coordination with external (auditor, vendor, consultant, service provider, etc.)

Organizational values: Diversity, Universal Humanity, Togetherness and Team work, Inclusion, Democracy, Integrity. 

Please submit your letter of application and recent curriculum vitae by email to with subject “Senior Accounting Officer” no later than March 24, 2023.

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be notified

Post title : Senior Program Associate and Technical Advisor on Sustainable Forest
Management (SFM) for Eastern Indonesia.

Supervisor : Policy and Advocacy Manager

Duty Station : Manokwari Sorong (70%) & Jakarta (30%)

Job Type : Full Time (1 year) with possibility of extension 


The Senior program Associate and Technical Advisor on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) will fulfil a key role in the program team and will contribute to the overall objectives of the EcoNusa program. The incumbent will be accountable to EcoNusa overall coordination of the project activities at the provincial level and liaise with National level; for the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of the services provided and the activities carried out. The incumbent will directly work with the EcoNusa Program Team in National and Provincial Level, in providing coordination and support to project planning, implementation and monitoring at the provincial levels. She/He will be the focal point for communication to the participating partners, national organizations, and others concerning the implementation of the project at the sub-national level. Within this context, She/He will engage in supporting program management team activities
within the forestry administration reform and climate change related policy, Forest
Management Unit (FMU), community forestry, NTFP development, and human capacity
development. The position is based in Manokwari or Sorong and focuses on local level
implementation and coordination on provincial level and in the focus district area of EcoNusa.


1. Management & Coordination 

  • Supports the management and administration of EcoNusa Program activities in Papua Region in adherence to EcoNusa policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the EcoNusa Program activities in Papua Region are coordinated for effective implementation of the project. 
  • Represent the project particularly for the stakeholders at the provincial and district level to do policy advice on highest level. 
  • Coordinate, supervise and contribute to the preparation and implementation of project activities in line with strategic and annual working plan. 
  • Coordinate joint activities and other technical cooperation related EcoNusa Strategic Area and other relevant partner institutions in the region.
  • Coordinate activities supported and implemented by international and national consultants work at the provincial levels. 
  • Support the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in coordinating and conducting evaluation the results of activities and give input/feedback for better implementation at the provincial, district, and community levels. 
  • Contribute to the writing of the project progress and monitoring reports to supports M&E of EcoNusa activities. 
  • Lead and assist the junior team in preparing the budget and activity plan and in monitoring the implementation of events and consultants or grantees at district level. 

2. Professional advisory services 

  • Advise partner institutions on order identifying needs, developing concepts and strategies, and provide technical input related to the improvement of forest policy processes such as KPH development, Hutan Adat/social forestry, NTFP development and REDD+. 
  • Contribute to preparing and implementing the coordination process, joint project/program activities in ensuring the evolvement of FMU development, Hutan Adat/Social Forestry and NTFP development . 
  • Deal with the design (term of references), preparation, and implementation of workshops, seminars and other events on issues related to the overall objectives of the EcoNusa program/activities, including performance evaluation. 
  • Develop and organizes quality assurance measures and suggests necessary changes, improvements, and initiatives related to the participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation processes involving local communities and develops concepts for public service provision for local communities under the evolving KPH System. 
  • Participate in identifying needs for capacity development (including system/policy level, organizational and individual level) at the provincial level and in districts in line with program objectives. 
  • Providing support and technical assistance for the capacity building on budget planning and monitoring of budget lines and expenditures at the province and district level 
  • Develops networks with local governments, local NGOs, villages, and other stakeholders to support FMU development, Hutan Adat/Social Forestry, NTFP and environmental services. 
  • Providing support and technical assistance for updating of EcoNusa strategic action plans, operational plans and annual work plans according to work progress, requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as well as provincial authorities (keeping in mind the special autonomy of Western Papua) and developments in the Indonesian forestry sector 
  • Contribute to continuous synchronization of EcoNusa Intervention strategic area “Policy”. 
  • Assist in project activities at the provincial level related to gender mainstreaming considerations. 
  • Assist the Monitoring and Evaluation and Papua Coordinator in planning and coordinating project monitoring and evaluation. 

3. Networking and cooperation

  • Ensures cooperation, regular contact, and dialogue with partners; and cooperates with local communities, relevant organizations, non-governmental agencies, and individuals in the project/program environment and with other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships. 
  • Establish network of contacts (NGO, Academia, civil society) in the provinces in Papua Region and maintain communication and inform them on working progress of EcoNusa activities. 
  • Communicates and channel local interests and efforts from Provinces in Papua Region, forwards these and encourages sharing ideas and information for the benefit of EcoNusa. 

4. Knowledge management 

  • Compiles relevant information on the topic of forestry and ensures knowledge transfer including lessons learned documentation 
  • Develops ready-to-use strategies and technical concepts, including guidelines, manuals, and procedures 
  • Monitors and coaches the implementation of the M and E System on local level. 
  • Draws up reports and presentation documents 
  • Assists with research activities and studies on forest policy issues which benefit joint programs. 
  • Prepare documentation materials such as photos and video footages for project – related activities. 

5. Other duties/additional tasks 

  • Performs other duties and tasks at the request of management. 
  • Undertakes frequent visits to the field activities in project sites to ensure EcoNusa partner activities are proceeding as planned (in accordance with EcoNusa requirements). 
  • Supports the provision of logistics for EcoNusa staff and visitors. 
  • Accompanies and guides visitors in connection with field trips. 
  • Stay abreast of developments in global and Indonesian approaches for forest and climate change issues, as well as Hutan Adat and special autonomy of Provinces in Papua Region.
  • Subject to discussions with the managers and project team, advisor may be allocated for additional tasks and other duties for shorter periods. 



  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in forestry/Natural Resource Management or other relevant academic fields. 
  • Experience in forestry, biodiversity, community development and REDD+. 
  • Experience in FMU development. 
  • Women are encouraged to apply for this position. 
  • Persons with a residence in Papua Region are preferred candidates. 

Professional experience 

  • At least 5 years’ professional experience on work related to forestry/natural resource management policy, biodiversity, and Masyarakat Hukum Adat/social/anthropology. 
  • Existing working relations with Tanah Papua. 
  • A minimum of 3 (three) years professional experiences in project management.
  • Strong managerial and organizational competence. 
  • Willingness to travel extensively. 
  • Good Knowledge of English and Bahasa Indonesia. 
  • Willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management. 
  • Intimate local knowledge about Papua Regions. 
  • Good facilitation skills and communication skills. 
  • Able to work independently and with limited resources or support. 


Internal – Close coordination with Econusa Staffs


Close coordination with external (Government, stakeholders, NGOs, etc) 

Organizational values: Diversity, Universal Humanity, Togetherness and Team work, Inclusion, Democracy, Integrity. 

Please submit your letter of application and recent curriculum vitae by email to with subject Senior Program Associate and Technical Advisor on SustainableForest Management (SFM)” no later than Maret 12, 2023. 

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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