Facilitating the parties to have common understanding in Papua and Eastern Indonesia is essential. It can provide strategic direction for local, regional, and national policy makers to plan a way forward for supporting the sustainable development of Eastern Indonesia. It connects various interests of all parties at all levels to narrow the current development gaps, to maximize the potential, and to promote collaboration. Through this project, the facilitation to government and stakeholders at district, province and national will be led by the engagement advisor group. We would like to ensure development works in Eastern Indonesia effective and well-implemented.  We support the stakeholders to prioritizing the needs, developing the strategic planning, guiding the implementation, and building its monitoring and evaluation mechanism. The planning process itself will align with the existing or planned regional development planning. 

The level of engagement that the group will play are three level, at district, province, and national level. At province level, we facilitate the acceleration of development process of Papua and Maluku region. The facilitation will be on developing a joint strategy, linking stakeholders that Papua development agenda can be translated into regional policies and can be effectively implemented and monitored. In particular, Papua needs a “bridge” to communicate local government initiatives to the central government and vice versa, Jakarta’s interests must be well communicated to Papua in order to achieve productive communication. At national level, the group will facilitate the communication between Papua and national government using systematic approach; connecting government, civil society, donors and other stakeholders working in Papua who have similar concerns or bringing the parties who have different interests onto the table to have mutual agreement for Papua development. 

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