Vermicomposting: Turning Your Organic Waste into Fertilizer!

What comes to mind when you hear the word worm? For some people, worms may appear to be something absurd. But did you know that earthworms may actually help us turn our organic waste into fertilizer? Yup, this waste-processing method involving earthworms is known as vermicomposting. George Oliver Sheffield was the first to introduce this […]

Let’s Get to Know These 2 Floras from Maluku!

What comes to mind when you hear the word Maluku? Do you get reminded of beautiful islands with crystal clear sea water? Or maybe a traditional music instrument called tifa? Or perhaps some of you are immediately reminded of traditional Maluku songs, such as Ayo Maluku and Ambon Manise? Yup, they are all correct! The […]

3 Types of Renewable Energy Power Plants in Indonesia You Should Know

Until date, coal-fired steam power plants (PLTU) generally dominated Indonesia’s electricity production. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), until 2021 PLTU provided roughly 65.3 percent of Indonesia’s electricity production, followed by other energy sources. In reality, coal-fired power stations are one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which are […]

Fish in Indonesia That Are Considered Endangered and Must Be Protected

It comes as no surprise that Indonesian waters are rich in biodiversity. There are around 8,500 species of fish, 555 types of seaweed, and 950 coral reef biota in the oceans alone. In addition, fish can also be found in other water areas, such as rivers and lakes. That’s a lot, right?  Knowing this, we […]

4 Maluku’s Endemic Animals You Should Know!

Let’s see if you can come up with a list of Maluku’s endemic animals! Maluku is an Indonesian province with a diverse range of flora and fauna. This time, let’s learn more about these four Maluku endemic animals! 1. Halmahera Walking Shark Is it true that there is a shark who can walk? Yup, walking […]

Bye-Bye Plastic & Styrofoam! Here Are 3 Eco-Friendly Food Packaging You Should Know!

Many of us are buying food from outside to eat at home, especially during this pandemic. When we buy food to take home, it is frequently wrapped in various types of food wrappers, such as plastic, paper, and styrofoam packing. The availability of ready-to-carry and disposable food packaging is quite convenient. But, beneath all of […]

Let’s Get to Know the Benefits of Seaweeds for the Environment

Who likes to eat processed seaweed, such as seaweed jelly, nori, and seaweed soup? For those who love eating seaweed, did you know that Indonesia has the largest seaweed ecosystem in the world? Yup, the total amount of seaweed habitat in Indonesia is 1.2 million hectares.Furthermore, a study stated that there are 555 different varieties […]

2 Research Expeditions in Papua You Should Know!

Papua Island, the world’s second biggest island, is rich in natural resources. As a result, it’s no surprise that Papua is often the destination of expeditions by scholars from all over the world who want to study more about what’s there. These research expeditions are essential in order for us to have enough information about […]

Cigarette Butts: Small yet Dangerous for the Environment

When talking about the types of waste that contaminate the environment the most, plastic waste such as plastic bags and plastic straws are frequently highlighted. However, other than these two, it turns out that there is another little object with a large number that also has many negative impacts for the environment. Can you guess […]

Why We Shouldn’t Eat Shark Fin

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and discovered that shark fin soup is on the menu? Have you ever tried it or eaten it? If it turns out that you have eaten shark fin, don’t do it again! It’s because in order to get the shark fin, the technique of shark finning can be […]

3 Papuan Fruiting Plants Rich in Benefits

Have you heard it before? According to a study published in 2020, Papua Island has the most plant diversity of any island on the planet. According to a study undertaken by 99 researchers from 19 countries, in Papua there are 13,634 plant species, with 68 percent of them being endemic. Isn’t it incredible? So, what […]

How Whales Can Help Us to Fight Climate Change

When you hear the word whales, what comes to mind? Whales, in addition to being the world’s largest mammal, are known to play an important role in maintaining the marine ecosystem’s balance. What’s more interesting is that study has also revealed that whales play a vital role in combating the present climate problem. Whoa, how could […]

Getting to Know Wanamina: The Combination of Aquaculture and Mangrove Conservation

Indonesia is known as a country with the largest mangrove forest area in the world. With a total area of about 3,311,208 hectares, mangrove forests in Indonesia account for 21% of the world’s total mangrove land. Preventing abrasion and erosion, providing a home for some animals, and absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions are […]

3 Young Indonesian Environmental Diplomats You Should Know!

Our earth is currently not doing well.  There are numerous environmental issues, such as forest destruction, waste problems, excessive air pollution, and so on. Seeing all of this, we can’t just stand by and do nothing since it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. In Indonesia, a growing number of young people are becoming […]

4 Tips on How to Be an Eco-Friendly Beach & Ocean Goer

Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation to one of Indonesia’s maritime tourism destinations? Indonesia’s underwater world, from Sabang to Merauke, is known for its beauty. We can witness many coral reefs and other rich and colorful marine life under the sea. No wonder that many people from all over the world desire to […]

Let’s Get to Know These 2 Outstanding Papuan Scientists!

Have you known any Papua researchers who are truly amazing, even on a global level? This time, EcoNusa would like to introduce you to two inspiring Papua physics scientists. Both of them had demonstrated their intellect since they were in school, and thus got the opportunity to pursue their studies overseas with scholarships and become […]

4 Local Traditions of Protecting the Sea in Various Regions in Indonesia

With a sea area of nearly 3.2 million square kilometers, it’s no surprise that Indonesia’s underwater world is so rich. On the other hand, there are now a number of issues that have the potential to threaten its long-term sustainability, including waste problems, coastal conversion, illegal fishing, and so on. All of this indicates that […]

Sasi Nggama: A Tradition of Protecting the Sea in Kaimana

Have you heard of Kaimana before? This maritime area’s name may not be as well-known as Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, or Bunaken. However, it turns out that the waters of Kaimana, in West Papua, are truly amazing! According to the exploration conducted by Conservation International Indonesia, the waters of Kaimana are home to 937 species of […]