Manokwari Youth Camp: Building a Network of Environmental-Conscious Young People

The young generation who are environmentally conscious have an important role in controlling the climate crisis. The young people, as the next generation, will experience the impact of climate change at the same time, they’ll become the future leaders. “Youth are at the forefront of protecting the environment. Because, these young people will become leaders, […]

Mitigating Climate, Youth Must Not be Tired of Undertaking Process

The 2045 is expected to be the golden year of Indonesia due to the domination of young population with productive age. This year, Indonesia will have excellent and competitive youth generation to in pursuit of the advanced Indonesia. This is the next condition after 2030 which is deemed the peak of demographic bonus in which […]

Extreme Weather, Alarm to Perform Youth Action to Mitigate Climate

The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued alert on the extreme weather potential in nearly all regions in Indonesia since 29 September 2022. To date, the agency has not revoked the extreme weather alert yet. Moreover, the agency also predicts that 24 regions nationwide, ranging from west, central, to east up to Tanah Papua, have been […]

Indonesia-Norway New Deal Can Boost FOLU Net Sink Target Achievement

Indonesia’s Minister for Environment and Forestry (MoEF), Siti Nurbaya Bakar, and Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Espen Barth Eide, signed a new bilateral partnership on Climate and Environment, on Monday, 12 September 2022. The bilateral agreement here has become an important momentum for Indonesia and Norway to work together for tackling climate crisis through […]

Future Young Leader Not Impossibility

James Canton, an American futurologist, stated his prediction in his book entitled “The Extreme Future” that there are ten challenges for human in 2025. Some of them deals with climate change, energy crisis, terrorism threat, globalization and cultural conflict, and technological advancement. Regarding those challenges, Indonesia requires robust foundation to survive in such a condition. […]

Diplomacy Study via Social Media in National SED

Excitement filled the hall of Kinasih Resort at Depok, West Java, despite the late night. Laughs and claps of the enthusiastic 36 participants of the 2022 National School of Eco-Diplomacy continued to happen during the activity. That night they should present their footage produced by group. There were 10 groups assigned in the afternoon. Both […]

35 Indonesian Youths Prepared for Being Green Diplomat

Despite the country’s attribute for its ample biodiversity, empirically Indonesia’s nature is under threats of climate crisis and business practices that are not sustainable, exploitative, and destructive. Some of them are like mining and palm oil plantation expansion that have brought about forest degradation, as well as overfishing that destroys sea resources and ecosystems. On […]

Enthusiasm of Mangrove Class at Jamnas XI 2022

After the Covid-19 pandemic petered out, 2022 became a special year for all Scout members throughout Indonesia because there was a grand event of the XI National Scout Jamboree (Jamnas) on August 14-20, 2022. Activities at the Campground and Tourism (Bumi Perkemahan dan Wisata/Buperta) Cibubur, Jakarta, were attended by 11,506 Scouts at the Penggalang level […]

Plastic Free Rally Calling Producer to Stop Sachet

Plastic waste has now become one of the largest antagonists to both land, sea, and aerial environment. Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry shows that as from 68.5 millions of the total waste in Indonesia in 2021, 17 percent or 11.6 million tons is plastic waste. As of the amount, at least only […]

Youth New Dream for Better Ecology and Democracy

Do you know young people? Now we are in the political year of 2024 and millennial and Z generations have 60 percent of the total voters in the upcoming 2024 General Election. The potentials indicate that the voices of millennials and Z generations have promising bargaining power for a better change of Indonesia.  “Voices of […]

Story of #RasaTimur, Glancing at Biodiversity Potentials in Eastern Indonesia

Man is an entity which is part of nature and the existing biodiversity. Human life depends and never separates from the existence of biodiversity. Considering our dependence on the biodiversity, the United Nations (UN) set 22 May as the International Day of Biodiversity, a commemoration which is dedicated to global community awareness raising on the […]

Maluku Young Kewang Crafting Earth Defender Generation

Environmental problems emerge from human conundrum. Consequently, the resolution is based on human with eco-friendly behavior. One of the immediate attempts is by providing both formal and informal education.  “One of the informal educations is a School for Maluku Young Kewang which is expected to create man with care and friendliness to environment,” said Roy […]

73 Youth Digital Campaigner 2022 Produced 783 Contents

Climate change campaigns get more massive youth involvement. EcoNusa Foundation together with Association of Communication Science University (ASPIKOM) conducted capacity building programs about digital campaigns titled Youth Digital Campaigner (YDC). As from 624 registrants, there are 75 participants actively campaigning about climate changes through their channel and graduating from this program. “Congratulations on being graduates and […]

EcoNusa Calls SAI Papuan Youth to Protect Forests

Papuan forests are the last frontier for Indonesia to cope with climate crisis. As the frontier that protects us from any threat, we should take care and defend the remaining natural richness in eastern Indonesia. It is the duties of all community elements ranging from government, business persons, private sector, to the nation’s young generation […]

Climate Crsis Threatens Indonesian Fishermen’s Welfare

National Fisherman’s Day is dedicated to honor fishermen as food security heroes who have contributed greatly to the fulfilment of protein needs for all levels of Indonesian society. Unfortunately, the ongoing climate change crisis threatens the lives and welfare of fishermen and communities living on the coasts and small islands. As felt by the fishermen […]

Only Few Aware of Climate Crisis Despite Looming Threat

Global warming and climate change are among the threats faced today by the populations around the globe, including Indonesia. The report of Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) with 195 countries as members stated that the earth temperature has been escalating by 1.1 Celsius degree since the 19th century. Without serious measure, in the upcoming […]

Indonesia’s Voice and Role in COP 26 to Cope with Climate Crisis

Climate summit or the Conference of the Parties ke-26 (COP 26) was held in Glasgow, UK, on 31 October to 12 November 2021. In the summit, Indonesian government has addressed some commitments such as tackling the impact of climate change. “With the existing ample natural potential, Indonesia continues to contribute in climate change mitigation,” said […]

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