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Why Should Papuan Youth Study on Tanah Papua?

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Image of Tanah Papua as the region with abundant richness of resources and cultures has been renowned across Indonesia and in the world. Numerous stories, publications, researches, and visual works have recorded multifarious ecosystem and traditions of Tanah Papua. 

The resource-rich Papua has either lured both domestic and foreign parties to come and see in a straight line. Most of them has even resorted physical exploitation by encroaching forests and grabbing resources from sea. Some others conduct studies on natural resources and Papuan local sociocultural issues.

However, instead of granting back to the locals, the study results were taken away from Tanah Papua. Consequently, Papuan peoples could hardly observe, give feedback, get benefit, or get positive inputs from the studies done on their regions.

On the other hand, Papuan peoples, particularly the youngsters, lack interests to conduct study on their own regions. Whereas, participation of Papuan youth on Tanah Papua studies is crucial to provide locals’ perspective and representation. It also helps ease in policy making process for a more prosperous life and sustainable environment for the Papuans lives. 

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Papuan youth has major roles to study and develop solutions to problems on Tanah Papua. With the study, Papuan young generation could improve their critical capability, help identify program and analyze current condition in Papua regions.

Along with the urgent need here, EcoNusa Foundation as a non-profit organization wants to improve local initiatives for equitable and sustainable natural resources management particularly in the eastern parts of Indonesia. EcoNusa also provides support to youngsters so as to become initiators of change by, among others, conducting researches. 

This effort goes along with the commitment of West Papua’s Research and Development Agency (Balitbangda) whose vision is to create developed community based on science and technology. Here is the basis argument for the new initiative of Papuan Young Scientist (IMP) program competition held since 2020. 

Wishing to generate studies on Tanah Papua among Papuan youngsters, IMP program is expected to become tools to explore the potentials of Tanah Papua while developing Papuan youth potentials as credible researchers. Papuan youth hopefully could take part in producing reflective and qualified studies which serve as the basis for policy and advocacy formulation and resource innovation in Tanah Papua. In so doing, there will be more young Papuans motivated to build interests on research, improve their research capacity and articulate their studies to wider audiences. 

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The IMP 2021 competition theme is “Managing Resources and Cultures in Tanah Papua” covering some following topics:
– Forest and Ocean Conservation
– Climate Crisis Impact and Solution
– Environmental Communication and Education
– Utilization of Forest and Ocean for Indigenous People, Women and Young People.

Participants across from Tanah Papua conduct studies prioritizing Sorong Regency, South Sorong Regency, Kaimana Regency, Maybrat Regency, Teluk Bintuni Regency, Jayapura Regency and Merauke Regency.

The shortlisted participants with interesting research proposal will have opportunities to get bootcamp training, coaching from expert and study supervisor, participate in scientific seminar, publish the research, and get funding supports for the research.

Are you interested in the Papuan Young Scientist? Get the complete information on the 2021 IMP here and register yourself here before August 7, 2021.

Let’s contribute for Tanah Papua by being Papuan Young Scientist!

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