Indonesia’s 3 Outermost Small Islands in Papua Region

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with thousands of islands, as you probably already know.  Guess how many islands there are in this country? In 2021, the Indonesian government reported that the country’s total number of islands has increased to 17,000, increasing 299 islands from the previous record of 16,771 in 2020. Later, at the UN […]

Biomimicry: 3 Cool Inventions Inspired by Nature

Since we were kids, we might often hear advice to diligently look around and go back to nature so that we can learn many things. So, do you enjoy spending your time in nature? Walking in the forest, climbing mountains, swimming in the ocean, seeing various plants, and meeting various animals. All of these activities […]

Let’s Get to Know These 2 Floras from Maluku!

What comes to mind when you hear the word Maluku? Do you get reminded of beautiful islands with crystal clear sea water? Or maybe a traditional music instrument called tifa? Or perhaps some of you are immediately reminded of traditional Maluku songs, such as Ayo Maluku and Ambon Manise? Yup, they are all correct! The […]

4 Maluku’s Endemic Animals You Should Know!

Let’s see if you can come up with a list of Maluku’s endemic animals! Maluku is an Indonesian province with a diverse range of flora and fauna. This time, let’s learn more about these four Maluku endemic animals! 1. Halmahera Walking Shark Is it true that there is a shark who can walk? Yup, walking […]

2 Research Expeditions in Papua You Should Know!

Papua Island, the world’s second biggest island, is rich in natural resources. As a result, it’s no surprise that Papua is often the destination of expeditions by scholars from all over the world who want to study more about what’s there. These research expeditions are essential in order for us to have enough information about […]

3 Papuan Fruiting Plants Rich in Benefits

Have you heard it before? According to a study published in 2020, Papua Island has the most plant diversity of any island on the planet. According to a study undertaken by 99 researchers from 19 countries, in Papua there are 13,634 plant species, with 68 percent of them being endemic. Isn’t it incredible? So, what […]

4 Papua’s Endemic Animals You Should Know

What kind of animal comes to mind when you’re asked to name a Papuan animal? Some endemic Papuan animals, such as birds of paradise, cassowaries, and tree kangaroos, may be familiar to you. Apart from these three creatures, Papua has a variety of other endemic species. According to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Papua […]

Ilmuwan Muda Papua 2021: Tips & Trick for Making Scientific Research Posters

The Young Papuan Scientists / Ilmuwan Muda Papua (IMP) 2021 program is still going on. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a training session entitled “Tips & Tricks for Making Scientific Research Posters” was held online. Ilmuwan Muda Papua is a program run by the EcoNusa Foundation in collaboration with the West Papua Province’s Regional Research […]

Let’s Get to Know These 2 Outstanding Papuan Scientists!

Have you known any Papua researchers who are truly amazing, even on a global level? This time, EcoNusa would like to introduce you to two inspiring Papua physics scientists. Both of them had demonstrated their intellect since they were in school, and thus got the opportunity to pursue their studies overseas with scholarships and become […]

Wanna Be a Great Researcher? Let’s Have a Look at These 6 Tips!

Raise your hand if you’d want to work as a researcher! The common perception of this career is that it is boring. In fact, conducting research is a challenging and fun job! Researchers will attempt to solve mysteries and discover previously unknown information through their research. Furthermore, researchers play an important part in the advancement […]

Here Are 3 Important Reasons for Young People to Become Researchers!

Have you ever considered pursuing a career as a researcher? Or do you squirm when you hear the word researcher because it conjures up images of a boring job? In fact, like any other kind of job, being a researcher can be enjoyable especially if you enjoy learning new things and are constantly curious about […]

Are You Young Papuan Young Scientist 2021?

Hi, nominees of Papuan Young Scientist! Do you realize how lucky you are to be young Papuan? The Land of Papua (Tanah Papua) has rich natural resources and culture as the community’s source of identity and pride. Therefore, it is crucial to have deep knowledge and observation of diversity in Tanah Papua. Insights on Tanah […]

Why Should Papuan Youth Study on Tanah Papua?

Image of Tanah Papua as the region with abundant richness of resources and cultures has been renowned across Indonesia and in the world. Numerous stories, publications, researches, and visual works have recorded multifarious ecosystem and traditions of Tanah Papua.  The resource-rich Papua has either lured both domestic and foreign parties to come and see in […]

Developing Papuan Youth Researcher

Scientific publications made by researchers in Indonesia are still minimal, including research on biodiversity. Although there are relatively more research subjects than other countries, it is not enough to encourage diversity of research. For this reason, the cooperation of various parties is urgently needed to achieve the goals set out in the Sustainable Development Goals […]

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