Muara Gembong Youth are Going Digital to Voicing Out Their Disquiet

The massive technology improvement has opened more access to young people in voicing out their concerns through digital space. To maximize the technology, Penjaga Laut community with EcoDefender and supported by EcoNusa, conducted a digital training session in one suburban area close to the capital city yet experience the negative impact of the climate crisis […]

Mitigating Climate, Youth Must Not be Tired of Undertaking Process

The 2045 is expected to be the golden year of Indonesia due to the domination of young population with productive age. This year, Indonesia will have excellent and competitive youth generation to in pursuit of the advanced Indonesia. This is the next condition after 2030 which is deemed the peak of demographic bonus in which […]

Youth New Dream for Better Ecology and Democracy

Do you know young people? Now we are in the political year of 2024 and millennial and Z generations have 60 percent of the total voters in the upcoming 2024 General Election. The potentials indicate that the voices of millennials and Z generations have promising bargaining power for a better change of Indonesia.  “Voices of […]

73 Youth Digital Campaigner 2022 Produced 783 Contents

Climate change campaigns get more massive youth involvement. EcoNusa Foundation together with Association of Communication Science University (ASPIKOM) conducted capacity building programs about digital campaigns titled Youth Digital Campaigner (YDC). As from 624 registrants, there are 75 participants actively campaigning about climate changes through their channel and graduating from this program. “Congratulations on being graduates and […]

EcoNusa Calls SAI Papuan Youth to Protect Forests

Papuan forests are the last frontier for Indonesia to cope with climate crisis. As the frontier that protects us from any threat, we should take care and defend the remaining natural richness in eastern Indonesia. It is the duties of all community elements ranging from government, business persons, private sector, to the nation’s young generation […]

Historical Moment, West Papua Hosts W20 and Y20

West Papua will host the Women 20 (W20) and Youth 20 (Y20) Pre-Summits as the side event of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit this year. In his speech, West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan on the event of West Papua Onward Glory, Pre-Event of W20 and Y20 Manokwari Talk Show said the government of West […]

Embracing Youth’s Involvement during Indonesia’s Political Year

The year 2022 does not merely mean the commencement of our nation’s political year with the open registration for political parties contesting on the upcoming 2024 General Election (Pemilu), but also defines the future of 101 regions that will change their local leaders. Youth engagement in these significant events will  give substantial impact to the consolidation […]

Youth Voice in COP 26 and Indonesia to Combat against Climate Crisis

In the COP 26, young people were invited to articulate their voices on climate crisis. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) established children and youth constituents so-called YOUNGO in 2009. Now YOUNGO has 200 youth organizations and more than 5,500 individual members. On the climate summit, Heeta Lakhani and Marie-Claire Graf of YOUNGO Global […]

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