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Antigraft Body Monitors Land-based Management Improvement in West Papua

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) jointly with the Provincial Government of West Papua held a coordination meeting on palm oil plantation license review. The evaluation is the follow-up of coordination and supervisory of palm oil plantation sector in West Papua that has been done since February 2021. “On the coordination meeting today, we focus on the […]

Jayapura Administrative Court Turned Down PT ASI and PT PUA Lawsuits

Jayapura Administrative Court turned down the lawsuits against South Sorong Regent related to his revocation of palm oil licenses filed by PT Anugerah Sakti Internusa (ASI) and PT Persada Utama Agromulia (PUA), on Monday 23 May 2022. On the exception, the Jayapura Administrative Court Judges acceded the defendant exception represented by South Sorong Regency Government […]

Public Anxious to Know Verdict on Palm Oil License Revocation

Fear lingered in the mind of people in Konda District, South Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. They were anxious to know the trial which charged the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, indicted by palm oil companies. The litigation was registered in the Jayapura High Administrative Court from the last December 2021. The verdict will define […]

Expert Witness: License Revocable Due To Noncompliance

The next trial filed by the two palm oil companies against the government of South Sorong Regency was held at the Jayapura High Administrative Court on Tuesday, 19 April 2022. The trial agenda was hearing expert witness from Agustinus Palesang, the National Land Agency, and Victor Manengkey, Cenderawasih University (Uncen). Both experts gave testimonies on […]

Two Palm Oil Companies Prosecuting South Sorong Regent Never Having Activities

Prosecution against the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, filed by two palm oil companies was held at the Jayapura Administrative Court on Tuesday, 12 April 2022. On the trial, the team of South Sorong Regent brought Head of Teminabuan District, Frans Salmon Thesia, and Head of Wayer District, Yonias Kaisala, at court as witnesses. Both […]

Recognition Process of Customary Land and Indigenous People in West Papua Now Shortened

West Papua Provincial Government has issued Governor Regulation No. 25/2021 on the Designation Procedure of Indigenous People and Customary Land in November 2021. The regulation will give significant acceleration to the process of designation and recognition of customary land and indigenous people. “The regulation cut down the bureaucratic process because of the elimination of regency/mayoralty […]

EcoNusa Outlook 2022: Approach of Rasa for Eastern Indonesia

Turning up in Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands and feeling the day-to-day community life are the major prerequisite before formulating policy for the eastern regions of Indonesia. “We should get the feeling of what the indigenous people feel first. From that compassion, it is materialized into concrete action. Do not let the indigenous people say […]

License Revocation Hearsay, A Spirit Booster

By end of 2021, there were many records to reflect for us with the spirit of being there among the communities in the eastern of Indonesia. In the 20th National Games (PON) in Papua in October 2021, President Joko Widodo mentioned that Tanah Papua is a little paradise descended to earth. The national games and […]

Village Head Workshop Preventing Forests from Loss

Forests in Tanah Papua do not only contribute oxygen to the world. They also serve as the sources of livelihood to the indigenous people and habitat to various flora and fauna. However, massive logging has decreased the diversity. In a discussion of a Village Head Workshop early November 2021 initiated by EcoNusa and Perdikan, the […]

Samb Kai Village School, Building Local Resilience in Merauke

Living in the fertile Cenderawasih land does not necessarily make the indigenous people in Merauke Regency, Papua Province, has food resilience. Household spending for food is relatively high. On the other hand, agriculture productivity is low. Besides, living side by side with palm oil estate also makes the locals vulnerable. “Medicine and all stuffs we […]

Indonesia’s Voice and Role in COP 26 to Cope with Climate Crisis

Climate summit or the Conference of the Parties ke-26 (COP 26) was held in Glasgow, UK, on 31 October to 12 November 2021. In the summit, Indonesian government has addressed some commitments such as tackling the impact of climate change. “With the existing ample natural potential, Indonesia continues to contribute in climate change mitigation,” said […]

Community Service Study, Bridging Indigenous Community and Local Government

As the civitas academica, students have duties to perform a university’s three pledges (Tri Dharma). Community service program implemented at Konda District by Pendidikan Muhammadiyah University (Unimuda) of Sorong, West Papua, is deemed the manifestation of the pledges. The method of community service study (KPM) highlighting the learning freedom model was carried out on 6 […]

Protecting Customary Land from Palm Oil Investment

Malaumkarta Youth Organization (PGM) and Sorong Regency’s Research and Development Agency (Baperlitbang), West Papua, organized participatory mapping for customary land participated by representatives of four villages at Sorong Regency. The training was given as a follow-up of license revocation of four palm oil companies done by Sorong Regent, Johny Kamuru. “Mapping of customary land is […]

Sustainable Development in Tanah Papua: Development Partners Joint Commitment

Sustainable development in Tanah Papua has become a joint commitment of all parties, including central government, regional government, green organizations, and local indigenous peoples. According to West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan, the collaboration is important. One of the purposes is to perform the Declaration of Manokwari which visions peaceful, sustainable, and dignified Tanah Papua. “To […]

Revoking Palm Oil Concession, Sorong Authorities Sued

Sorong Regent and Sorong Regency’s Head of Investment and One Stop Service Office were charged by three palm oil plantation companies. The litigation came from PT Sorong Agro Sawitindo, PT Papua Lestari Abadi, and PT Inti Kebun Lestari given the fact that Sorong Government revoked the concessions of those three companies. The filed suit took […]

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