Wasur National Park, Paradise of Migrant Birds in Eastern Indonesia

One of the national parks known for its beauty, located in eastern Indonesia is Wasur National Park, Merauke, South Papua Province. When you visit this park, the widest wet savanna forest in Indonesia and Asia will welcome you. The natural beauty of Wasur National Park is what makes it rich in biodiversity. Approximately 413,810 hectares […]

Sasi on Lemon Island, An Initiative from Local Youth to Protect Marine Biodiversity

The land of Papua has rich traditions and cultures, including implementing local wisdom to protect its nature. Sasi is one of the local wisdom in the land of Papua that implements the prohibited extraction of natural resources within a mutually agreed period. This tradition was implemented in Nusmapi Island, also known as Lemon Island, which […]

Village Head Workshop: Progressive Change Should Start from the Village

Building village independence must start from a good village planning process. Detailed and thorough planning is very important. Then proceed with good program governance. “When we plan wrong, it means we plan to fail,” said the Secretary of the South Manokwari Village and Community Empowerment Service (DPMK), I Gde Wisnu Wardhana, during his session at […]

Hoping for Land road in Segun District

The people in Segun District, Sorong Regency, West Papua, has been longing for the presence of land road infrastructure. It has been years the community lives without land road. The condition has become the obstacle of local economic growth. They even find it hard to access health facility. “The community economy has not developed yet […]

Diplomacy Study via Social Media in National SED

Excitement filled the hall of Kinasih Resort at Depok, West Java, despite the late night. Laughs and claps of the enthusiastic 36 participants of the 2022 National School of Eco-Diplomacy continued to happen during the activity. That night they should present their footage produced by group. There were 10 groups assigned in the afternoon. Both […]

Papuan Young Scientists Support Crown Jewel Papua

West Papua has strategic areas dubbed the Crown Jewel Papua (CJP) that has some functions of protection, biodiversity, and culture in support of sustainable development. management of CJP landscape is designed to support the commitment of West Papua Province government in implementation of 14 commitments of the Manokwari Declaration related to sustainable development. The 2.3 […]

35 Indonesian Youths Prepared for Being Green Diplomat

Despite the country’s attribute for its ample biodiversity, empirically Indonesia’s nature is under threats of climate crisis and business practices that are not sustainable, exploitative, and destructive. Some of them are like mining and palm oil plantation expansion that have brought about forest degradation, as well as overfishing that destroys sea resources and ecosystems. On […]

Restore Faster, Recover Stronger

I purposely adopt the central theme of the 77 th RI Independence Day this year for the article. The theme has straightforwardly represented the fact in Indonesia while serving as the spirit for recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. Pandemic has not come to an end, as thousands of peoples are still infected by Covid-19 up […]

Antigraft Body Monitors Land-based Management Improvement in West Papua

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) jointly with the Provincial Government of West Papua held a coordination meeting on palm oil plantation license review. The evaluation is the follow-up of coordination and supervisory of palm oil plantation sector in West Papua that has been done since February 2021. “On the coordination meeting today, we focus on the […]

Walking While Making Pathway

In a beautiful morning end of June 2022, Dina Fadan and Sereptura Fadan got good news after the arrival of Jefri Fadan, the Head of Klasman Village in Malabotom District, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. Upon having just had their breakfast with baked sago, bread, and sweet tea, both was delighted as they were assigned […]

Revamping Namatota Tourism Village with Honai

Fascination and exquisiteness of Kaimana in West Papua are the dream of holidaymakers. One of them is Namatota tourism village, in addition to other attractive tourism objects. To provide more charm, EcoNusa jointly with the villagers of Namatota built six honai (Papuan traditional house) as the enjoyment spots, three swings nearby beach, and viewing tower […]

STS Tarsa, Collaborative Action to Develop Village

Land property system in Tanah Papua becomes a major factor for agriculture development. Unlike those of Java Island with land rental system by farmer, every clan in Tanah Papua has productive area for their cultivation.  The motivating words here was addressed by the Head of Sorong Regency’s Food, Horticulture, and Plantation, Frengki Wamafma, to local […]

Exigency of Youth Mobilization to Save Our Ocean

Young generation is labelled as critical, creative, and technology-savvy generation. With these strongpoints, young generation is expected to become a future excellent leader who could solve the existing ecological complication and create a better life on Earth. “Today, there are many more young people showing their existence to articulate their concerns with environmental issues including […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 2: Customary Sasi and Money Tree in Kaimana

Nutmeg still becomes one of the most prominent Indonesian commodities including Kaimana Regency in West Papua. The priceless selling point has made Kaimana people plant nutmeg trees. The yields could provide benefits to growers, collectors, and businesspersons.  One of the businesspersons in Kaimana is Udin. He has warehouse in Air Merah compound. The Sulawesi born […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 1: From European Spices Persuers to Conservation Plant

Nutmeg warehouse in Air Merah in Bantemi Village is one of the six largest warehouses for nutmegs in Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province. A pile of sacks is towering and flocking the 10 x 20 meters warehouse.  Pala (Myristica argentea Warb) has valuable economic value. It is no wonder when Europeans sought the spices for […]

Papuan Superior Commodity and Its Challenge

The song lyric of “our land is paradise land” of “Kolam Susu (Pond of Milk)” song by Koes Ploes years ago is not a nonsense. Tanah Papua has become one of the living evident. The areas of Papua and West Papua Provinces have the richest biodiversity in the world in addition to Papua New Guinea. […]

Five Tips in Writing Short News for Youth Camp

Usually, a novice writer finds it hard to start writing the first paragraph. Therefore, the beginner should understand the SPOA (Subject, Predicate, Object, Adverb) formula.  The statement was addressed by the managing editor of hutanpapua.id and Fokus Papua, Alberth “Abe” Yomo. He elaborated 5 tricks to write short news to the participants of Youth Camp […]

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