Menke Womom, Imminence Proof of Abun Tribe and Oceans God

As to Abun Tribe, leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is deemed the significant Oceans God that need preservation. The existence of the fauna is believed to bring blessing to the surrounding creature including Abun Tribe, a native tribe dwelling in Abun District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. Therefore, Abun Tribe has a locally-called Menke Womom ritual to […]

STS Just a Start

Social Transformation School (STS) initiated by EcoNusa Foundation is part of a series of local education. The process was set off by visiting the targeted villages to conduct brief survey and interview with village apparatus. The visits were intended to identify the existing potentials of each areas. EcoNusa has targeted villages whose areas were parts […]

Many Ways to Disseminate Fascination of Eastern Indonesia

Eastern Indonesia is not merely natural resource rich regions. Their culture is diverse. There are many stories from Tanah Papua, Maluku Island, and Sulawesi we could share to public. There are many ways to disseminate the fascination of eastern Indonesia.  “From Imaji Papua, we use documentary film, because it could serve as an effective medium […]

Scrutinizing Indigenous People Position and Customary Rights in State Constitution

The indigenous peoples issue is still an ongoing topic due to the absence of legal rule that takes sides and recognizes their existence and sovereignty in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the deprivation of customary rights and territories continues to occur so that indigenous peoples are increasingly marginalized. On the other hand, many parties are fighting for indigenous […]

Podomoro Students Fights against Plastic at Teluk Naga

More than 40 students of Podomoro University, Jakarta, cleaned Tanjung Pasir Beach in Teluk Naga, Tangerang, on Friday 18 March 2022. The students came from different faculties such as Hotel Business, Architecture, Product Design, and others. Beach cleanup was carried out as part of the series of a so-called Meraki Month in March 2022. The […]

EcoNusa and Pramuka Collaborating for Sustainable Environment

When we talk about pressure on environment, the situation is getting worse today. For instance, deforestation continues to happen in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is on the top five countries losing forests in the past two decades. In addition, overfishing remains rampant. Based on the Global Index Fishing Watch 2021, fish stock remains under threat which […]

Human Resource Quality, Key to Win West Papua Tourism

Tanah Papua is natural resources rich region. It also has promising tourism potential. One of the tourism spots internationally known is Raja Ampat. It is located at the coral triangle which is attractive for tourist and this made Raja Ampat in West Papua Province eminent with its tourism icon. President Joko Widodo puts Raja Ampat […]

Octopus, One of Indonesia Major Export Commodities

Production of octopus (Octopus cyanea) in Indonesia has impressive value. According to statistical data from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (KKP), total production of octopus in 2020 is 55,913 tons with the value of production reaching Rp1,2 trillion. The largest contributor area is East Nusa Tenggara (19,102 tons), followed by Central Sulawesi (10,411 […]

Human Greed Leading to Environmental Crisis

Covid-19 pandemic affecting around the globe from the last two years has marked the disharmony of man and nature. Man-made destruction of nature has been blamed for the emerging virus here. “Covid-19 reflects human greed to nature,” said Aan Rukmana, Paramadina University’s lecturer of Philosophy and Religion, as one of the speakers in MACE (Mari […]

Raimuti Island, The Stunning Island is Sinking 

Manokwari City in West Papua Province has lots of natural beauty. Moving to the north from Rendani Airport, holidaymakers will perceive the superb green trees in Gunung Meja forests. On the south, there are several sea tourisms. The capital of West Papua has four islands with charming looks, namely Mansinam, Lemon, Kaki, and Raimuti Islands. […]

The Importance of Archipelagic Region Draft Bill

Indonesia is an archipelagic state with a variety of uniqueness. Marine resources, particularly in eastern Indonesia, have high potential. Unfortunately, development in eastern region of Indonesia does not go along with their potentials and even the development is not as massive as that of in the west region of Indonesia. Therefore, the presence of the […]

Young People, Key to Environmental Success in Namatota

Kaimana Regency is renowned with its natural splendor. Most of the region is covered by water openly facing the Arafuru Sea. One of the unquestionable splendid villages here is Namatota, which is commonly called the Kaimana’s hidden gem. In 2021, this village was listed in the top 300 spots in the Indonesia Tourism Village Award. […]

The Fate of Democracy and Environment are at Youngsters’ Hands

When there is a query on what big leap to do by youngster today, then democracy and climate crisis will become two major issues which are related to their roles. Both issues do not merely affect aspects of life and state, but also define what Indonesia will be in the future. “There is positive perspective […]

Education and Culture Ministry to Build Customary School in Malaumkarta with EcoNusa

Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry plans to establish a customary school at Malaumkarta Village, Makbon District, Sorong Regency, in West Papua. The statement was addressed by the Director of Almighty God Belief and Indigenous People, Sjamsul Hadi, on his speech in the EcoNusa Outlook 2022 on Thursday, 10 February 2022. Sjamsul said the Minister […]

Building Sense of East with Heart

Getting underway the 2022, I am impressed with what Sorong Regent, Johny Kamuru, said in the EcoNusa Outlook 2022 on 10 February in Jakarta. He said boldly, “In Tanah Papua, we do not need people with strong word and very good at speech. But what is needed is people with strong compassion, sincere heart and […]

EcoNusa Outlook 2022: Significance of Building People’s Sovereignty in Eastern Indonesia

Yuliance Zanggonau shares her experiences in assisting people in Arguni Bawah District, Papua, in theEcoNusa Outlook 2022. (EcoNusa/David Herman Jaya) Tanah Papua and Maluku Island have ample natural resources. However, the people’s economy still relies on other parties. The condition makes the locals vulnerable to sell their land to the company. “People’s sovereignty is important […]

EcoNusa Outlook 2022: Approach of Rasa for Eastern Indonesia

Turning up in Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands and feeling the day-to-day community life are the major prerequisite before formulating policy for the eastern regions of Indonesia. “We should get the feeling of what the indigenous people feel first. From that compassion, it is materialized into concrete action. Do not let the indigenous people say […]

Papua, Maluku, We Can, Anything Possible

The 30 participants of Community Organizer and Facilitation Technique training shouted the yells together at the Learning Center (LC) Mibi in Makbon District, Sorong Regency, West Papua, on 24 January – 2 February 2022. “Papua, Maluku, we can, anything is possible” is an optimistic yell expressed by field staffers and village cadres believing that anything […]