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Deyvenska Muskitta Cintya Magdalen

My full name is Deyvenska Muskitta Cintya Magdalen, usually called Deyvi. Previously studied at Yogyakarta Duta Discourse Christian University (UKDW) Faculty of Biology. Since college he has been fond of activities related to youth, and has been involved in youth organizations within the JOY Fellowship Indonesia Foundation. Deyvi has joined EcoNusa since September 2021 as an Admin at the EcoNusa Kaimana Office. Prior to joining EcoNusa, Deyvi worked as an honorary employee at the Kaimana Regency Youth and Sports Education Office as a SiMDA Operator. As an extrovert, it’s not difficult for me to socialize with a new work environment because the work environment and type of work are also comfortable for me. Being born and growing up in Kaimana made me love the Kaimana area so much and am committed to continuing my career and building kaimana with EcoNusa colleagues in the kaimana area but also EcoNusa in general.

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