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Muhammad Nur Mandirian Syah

Muhammad Nur Mandirian Syah is often called Ian, joined EcoNusa as a Logistics Assistant Program for the EcoXplorer ship since 2021, before joining EcuNusa ian for about 6 years to deepen his knowledge of marine affairs at Papua State University UNIPA in Manokwari, campaigning with Bentara Papua in Manokwari for about 2 years, apart from that he was a volunteer campaigning with Greenpeace in 2010 and also joined local communities in terms of environmental action in Manokwari and activities from other UNIPA campuses.

After graduating from UNIPA in 2014, Ian was invited by Bustar Maitar (CEO of EcoNusa) to join in helping in the construction of the Kurabesi ship for about 2 years, after the ship was operational Ian was still trusted to help become the ship’s operational manager.

From there, Ian learned a lot about ship operations so that in 2021 I joined the EcoNusa ship in The EcoXplorer. Spending a lot of time at sea is a challenge that must be done with hard work.

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