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Bustar Maitar

For over 20 years has been campaigning for social justice and environmental protection for Indonesia, working with communities on natural resources management from grassroots level to global movement. Founded the Papua base NGO, PERDU in 1998 and one of the first staff to be recruited for Greenpeace’s new office in Indonesia in 2005 and spend more than 11 years with Greenpeace to campaigning to get global zero deforestation.

Major achievement is together with Greenpeace team successfully led the organization’s efforts to work with the Indonesian government and industry to implement the May 2011 moratorium on the conversion of forests. Leading the Greenpeace International team transform top multinational customer companies and major producer companies to align with global zero deforestation efforts in their supply chain that resulting around 75% of global traded palm oil and 80% of Indonesia pulp and paper production became deforestation free products.

Active to developing the social and eco enterprise to promote community ecotourism in eastern Indonesia and supporting the local foundation in the island of Papua called Bentara Papua ( to generate young talent leadership on social, environmental and community entrepreneurship. Build and manage the ecotourism development initiative called “Kurabesi Nusantara” ( that operate a wooden boat for private cruise charter and marketing the community products from eastern Indonesia.

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