Revamping Namatota Tourism Village with Honai

Fascination and exquisiteness of Kaimana in West Papua are the dream of holidaymakers. One of them is Namatota tourism village, in addition to other attractive tourism objects. To provide more charm, EcoNusa jointly with the villagers of Namatota built six honai (Papuan traditional house) as the enjoyment spots, three swings nearby beach, and viewing tower […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 2: Customary Sasi and Money Tree in Kaimana

Nutmeg still becomes one of the most prominent Indonesian commodities including Kaimana Regency in West Papua. The priceless selling point has made Kaimana people plant nutmeg trees. The yields could provide benefits to growers, collectors, and businesspersons.  One of the businesspersons in Kaimana is Udin. He has warehouse in Air Merah compound. The Sulawesi born […]

Edor Village Website Launching, Progress for Data-based Local Planning

Kaimana Regency Communication and Information Office in collaboration with EcoNusa and Edor Village Government released official website for Edor Village on 31 May 2022. The website which is accessible at will help expose any activity performed by the government and community of Edor Village. Website launching of Edor Village was officially done by Freddy […]

Young People, Key to Environmental Success in Namatota

Kaimana Regency is renowned with its natural splendor. Most of the region is covered by water openly facing the Arafuru Sea. One of the unquestionable splendid villages here is Namatota, which is commonly called the Kaimana’s hidden gem. In 2021, this village was listed in the top 300 spots in the Indonesia Tourism Village Award. […]

Boosting Nutmeg Productivity in Kaimana

Nutmeg is one of the major sources of income to the villagers of Egarwara, Wermenu, Kufuryai, and Manggera Villages in Kaimana Regency, West Papua. Each village located at Arguni Bawah District has 40-78 hectare plots of land for nutmeg cultivation which generates Rp. 39-62 million per year. “Nutmeg is plantation commodity that helps sustain natural […]

Jeopardy for Fish Kingdom in Kaimana

Kaimana in West Papua is not merely known as the beauty of its dusk and sunset. Kaimana is also dubbed with the kingdom of fish. Exploration done by the Conservation International Indonesia showed that there are 937 fish species and 492 types of corals in Kaimana waters. Kaimana is covered by thousands of mangrove forests […]

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