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Bustar Maitar: Indigenous Peoples are the Frontliner of Nature Protection

“Nature serves as a ‘mother’ who provides us all sources of life and must be protected,” is a fundamental life value owned and upheld by indigenous and local communities in the Land of Papua and Maluku Islands. The existence of fundamental thoughts that are still believed and practiced by the people in Papua and Maluku […]

Dispersing the Important Value of Protecting Nature in Sunday School

Religion has an important role in regulating the aspects of human life, and providing guidance towards the common good, including to nature. The value of preserving the environment is also something that needs to be taught and instilled from an early age. The Fellowship of Indonesian Churches (PGI) in the Tanah Papua gathered and held […]

MSME and Cooperative Workshop: An Efforts to Strengthen Networks

Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands are rich in natural resources. These two areas are home to nearly 50 percent of Indonesia’s forests, 52 percent of Indonesia’s mangroves, and home to 50 percent of Indonesia’s fish stocks. However, the paradise is vulnerable to climate crisis and threats from overexploitation. Improving a sustainable local economy, food security, […]

Village Head Workshop: Progressive Change Should Start from the Village

Building village independence must start from a good village planning process. Detailed and thorough planning is very important. Then proceed with good program governance. “When we plan wrong, it means we plan to fail,” said the Secretary of the South Manokwari Village and Community Empowerment Service (DPMK), I Gde Wisnu Wardhana, during his session at […]

Menginang: Caring the Culture, Empowering the Land of Papua

The culture of chewing areca nuts (menginang) is inherent among the people’s life of Tanah Papua, especially those who live close to the coast. Even though this custom is widely practiced by people in other areas, in Papua menginang should not be missed. Usually, it is only the elderly people who do menginang in other […]

Indigenous Community Should Defend Their Right for Natural Resources

Indigenous people is expected to have capacity to recognize and maintain their rights for natural resources. Hence, they have knowledge on the value which is worth to struggle not only for the current generation but also the next generation of the indigenous people. This is the conclusion from Mubariq Ahmad, the Director of Conservation Strategy […]

Papuan Young Scientists Support Crown Jewel Papua

West Papua has strategic areas dubbed the Crown Jewel Papua (CJP) that has some functions of protection, biodiversity, and culture in support of sustainable development. management of CJP landscape is designed to support the commitment of West Papua Province government in implementation of 14 commitments of the Manokwari Declaration related to sustainable development. The 2.3 […]

Regional Expansion Plan in Papua Problematic

The House of Representatives  passed three draft bills  on  new autonomous regions in Papua to become the House’s initiative bills through plenary session on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. If the bill is passed, it will become the legal foundation of the creation of three new region expansions, namely South Papua, Central Papua, and Papua Central […]

“Not Just Knowing How to Eat, But How to Plant Too”

“Not just knowing how to eat, but also how to plant too”. The statement addressed by women working in the public kitchen which served the Social Transformation School (STS) in Mogatemin, South Sorong Regency, when they ate papeda (traditional porridge made from sago) seemed to be jokingly said. However, this utterance passed judgment to Dorina […]

Two Palm Oil Companies Prosecuting South Sorong Regent Never Having Activities

Prosecution against the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, filed by two palm oil companies was held at the Jayapura Administrative Court on Tuesday, 12 April 2022. On the trial, the team of South Sorong Regent brought Head of Teminabuan District, Frans Salmon Thesia, and Head of Wayer District, Yonias Kaisala, at court as witnesses. Both […]

Junior High School Graduates Trains Locals on Organic Fertilizer and Grafting

At the Kufuriyai Village hall in Arguni Bawah District, Kaimana Regency, Antonius Arfa, 32, a youngster from Iratutu tribe of Warmenu Village, stood before 35 villagers of Kufuriyai and Manggera on Thursday, 17 March 2022. On his right hand, he held a marker and wrote on white board explaining the NPK fertilizer. NPK is fertilizer […]

Blue Ecomic Implementation Not Optimum

Implementation of blue economy in Indonesia faces some challenges so the expected potentials of marine and fisheries could hardly have optimum benefit. Without improvement and cooperation among ministries, institutions, and civil societies involvement, the target of blue economy could potentially destroy the resources of marine and fisheries in Indonesia. “What could be benefited from blue […]

Scrutinizing Indigenous People Position and Customary Rights in State Constitution

The indigenous peoples issue is still an ongoing topic due to the absence of legal rule that takes sides and recognizes their existence and sovereignty in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the deprivation of customary rights and territories continues to occur so that indigenous peoples are increasingly marginalized. On the other hand, many parties are fighting for indigenous […]

Sasi Sambite: Local Wisdom to Boost Nutmeg Quality in Arguni Bawah

For people in Kaimana Regency, particularly in Arguni Bawah District, West Papua, nutmeg is not merely part of the ancestors’ culture and history. For villagers in Kufuriyai, Manggera, Egarwara, and Warmenu, nutmeg is the commodity for livelihood. With a total of 197 hectares of local plantation area in those four villages, nutmeg provides source of […]

Human Greed Leading to Environmental Crisis

Covid-19 pandemic affecting around the globe from the last two years has marked the disharmony of man and nature. Man-made destruction of nature has been blamed for the emerging virus here. “Covid-19 reflects human greed to nature,” said Aan Rukmana, Paramadina University’s lecturer of Philosophy and Religion, as one of the speakers in MACE (Mari […]

The Importance of Archipelagic Region Draft Bill

Indonesia is an archipelagic state with a variety of uniqueness. Marine resources, particularly in eastern Indonesia, have high potential. Unfortunately, development in eastern region of Indonesia does not go along with their potentials and even the development is not as massive as that of in the west region of Indonesia. Therefore, the presence of the […]

EcoNusa Outlook 2022: Significance of Building People’s Sovereignty in Eastern Indonesia

Yuliance Zanggonau shares her experiences in assisting people in Arguni Bawah District, Papua, in theEcoNusa Outlook 2022. (EcoNusa/David Herman Jaya) Tanah Papua and Maluku Island have ample natural resources. However, the people’s economy still relies on other parties. The condition makes the locals vulnerable to sell their land to the company. “People’s sovereignty is important […]

Being Producer by Gardening

Cristofora Kwerkujai cleaned up her garden nearby Maro River in Erambu Village, Sote District, Merauke Regency, early November 2021. On that afternoon, she did not do many activities at her garden. She had just harvested some vegetables such as long bean, mustard, spinach, and water spinach. “The crop is for my own consumption and for […]

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