Yosua, A Teamster of Wet Saifi Reading Club Community

Apart from the public stigma of Tanah Papua concerning with the poor access of education, data from the Statistics Indonesia (BPS) 2021 shows a good hope. BPS reveals data that the average school year (RLS) of the above 25-year-old populations in West Papua continues to grow every year. The RLS in 2021 grew into 7.69 […]

STS Just a Start

Social Transformation School (STS) initiated by EcoNusa Foundation is part of a series of local education. The process was set off by visiting the targeted villages to conduct brief survey and interview with village apparatus. The visits were intended to identify the existing potentials of each areas. EcoNusa has targeted villages whose areas were parts […]

Public Anxious to Know Verdict on Palm Oil License Revocation

Fear lingered in the mind of people in Konda District, South Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. They were anxious to know the trial which charged the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, indicted by palm oil companies. The litigation was registered in the Jayapura High Administrative Court from the last December 2021. The verdict will define […]

Mogatemin STS Participant Pledges to Manage Local Shrimp Potential

The participants of Mogatemin Social Transformation School (STS) in South Sorong, West Papua did not merely study on sago cultivation and organic fertilizer production, but they also learned how to create derivative products from shrimp, such as shrimp-made crackers and nugget.  Why shrimp? Most of the STS participants in Mogatemin came from the villages with […]

Expert Witness: License Revocable Due To Noncompliance

The next trial filed by the two palm oil companies against the government of South Sorong Regency was held at the Jayapura High Administrative Court on Tuesday, 19 April 2022. The trial agenda was hearing expert witness from Agustinus Palesang, the National Land Agency, and Victor Manengkey, Cenderawasih University (Uncen). Both experts gave testimonies on […]

Two Palm Oil Companies Prosecuting South Sorong Regent Never Having Activities

Prosecution against the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, filed by two palm oil companies was held at the Jayapura Administrative Court on Tuesday, 12 April 2022. On the trial, the team of South Sorong Regent brought Head of Teminabuan District, Frans Salmon Thesia, and Head of Wayer District, Yonias Kaisala, at court as witnesses. Both […]

Social Transformation School Officially Opened by South Sorong Regent

EcoNusa held the 6th Social Transformation School (STS) in Mogatemin Village, Kais Darat District, South Sorong Regency, in West Papua Province on Saturday 26 March 2022. Traveling to Mogatemin Village is not stress-free process. From Sorong City, it took more than 4 hours on a bumpy road before EcoNusa team jointly with South Sorong Regency […]

Village Head Workshop Preventing Forests from Loss

Forests in Tanah Papua do not only contribute oxygen to the world. They also serve as the sources of livelihood to the indigenous people and habitat to various flora and fauna. However, massive logging has decreased the diversity. In a discussion of a Village Head Workshop early November 2021 initiated by EcoNusa and Perdikan, the […]

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