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Marsi Village Needs Training on Nutmeg Care

Nutmeg has been cultivated by Papuan community from generation to generation which served as the main source of income including those in Kaimana Regency, West Papua. The good price has encouraged people to plant nutmeg despite their former lack of interest. One of them is in Marsi Village in Kaimana District. “This is part of […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 1: From European Spices Persuers to Conservation Plant

Nutmeg warehouse in Air Merah in Bantemi Village is one of the six largest warehouses for nutmegs in Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province. A pile of sacks is towering and flocking the 10 x 20 meters warehouse.  Pala (Myristica argentea Warb) has valuable economic value. It is no wonder when Europeans sought the spices for […]

Junior High School Graduates Trains Locals on Organic Fertilizer and Grafting

At the Kufuriyai Village hall in Arguni Bawah District, Kaimana Regency, Antonius Arfa, 32, a youngster from Iratutu tribe of Warmenu Village, stood before 35 villagers of Kufuriyai and Manggera on Thursday, 17 March 2022. On his right hand, he held a marker and wrote on white board explaining the NPK fertilizer. NPK is fertilizer […]

Sasi Sambite: Local Wisdom to Boost Nutmeg Quality in Arguni Bawah

For people in Kaimana Regency, particularly in Arguni Bawah District, West Papua, nutmeg is not merely part of the ancestors’ culture and history. For villagers in Kufuriyai, Manggera, Egarwara, and Warmenu, nutmeg is the commodity for livelihood. With a total of 197 hectares of local plantation area in those four villages, nutmeg provides source of […]

Boosting Nutmeg Productivity in Kaimana

Nutmeg is one of the major sources of income to the villagers of Egarwara, Wermenu, Kufuryai, and Manggera Villages in Kaimana Regency, West Papua. Each village located at Arguni Bawah District has 40-78 hectare plots of land for nutmeg cultivation which generates Rp. 39-62 million per year. “Nutmeg is plantation commodity that helps sustain natural […]

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