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Areca Nuts, Potential Local Commodity  

Areca nuts is not strange stuff to Papuan people as it becomes parts of Papuan people’s tradition. Chewing areca nuts has presumably become the local tradition from the fourth century. The community consume areca nuts from morning, daytime, afternoon, to evening. Areca nuts have come one of the existing menus on the traditional event such […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 2: Customary Sasi and Money Tree in Kaimana

Nutmeg still becomes one of the most prominent Indonesian commodities including Kaimana Regency in West Papua. The priceless selling point has made Kaimana people plant nutmeg trees. The yields could provide benefits to growers, collectors, and businesspersons.  One of the businesspersons in Kaimana is Udin. He has warehouse in Air Merah compound. The Sulawesi born […]

Papuan Superior Commodity and Its Challenge

The song lyric of “our land is paradise land” of “Kolam Susu (Pond of Milk)” song by Koes Ploes years ago is not a nonsense. Tanah Papua has become one of the living evident. The areas of Papua and West Papua Provinces have the richest biodiversity in the world in addition to Papua New Guinea. […]

Boosting Nutmeg Productivity in Kaimana

Nutmeg is one of the major sources of income to the villagers of Egarwara, Wermenu, Kufuryai, and Manggera Villages in Kaimana Regency, West Papua. Each village located at Arguni Bawah District has 40-78 hectare plots of land for nutmeg cultivation which generates Rp. 39-62 million per year. “Nutmeg is plantation commodity that helps sustain natural […]

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