Climate Crsis Threatens Indonesian Fishermen’s Welfare

National Fisherman’s Day is dedicated to honor fishermen as food security heroes who have contributed greatly to the fulfilment of protein needs for all levels of Indonesian society. Unfortunately, the ongoing climate change crisis threatens the lives and welfare of fishermen and communities living on the coasts and small islands. As felt by the fishermen […]

Raimuti Island, The Stunning Island is Sinking 

Manokwari City in West Papua Province has lots of natural beauty. Moving to the north from Rendani Airport, holidaymakers will perceive the superb green trees in Gunung Meja forests. On the south, there are several sea tourisms. The capital of West Papua has four islands with charming looks, namely Mansinam, Lemon, Kaki, and Raimuti Islands. […]

Only Few Aware of Climate Crisis Despite Looming Threat

Global warming and climate change are among the threats faced today by the populations around the globe, including Indonesia. The report of Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) with 195 countries as members stated that the earth temperature has been escalating by 1.1 Celsius degree since the 19th century. Without serious measure, in the upcoming […]

Jaring Nusa, Joint Movement for Eastern Indonesia’s Coastal and Small Island Communities

Fourteen civil society organizations in Eastern Indonesia declared its commitment to collaboratively save ocean, coasts, and small islands in eastern regions of Indonesia. In their declaration, Jaring Belajar Pesisir, Laut dan Pulau Kecil (literally “Learning Network for Coasts, Ocean and Small Island”) or so-called Jaring Nusa for Eastern Indonesia stated that coastal and small island […]