Muara Gembong Youth are Going Digital to Voicing Out Their Disquiet

The massive technology improvement has opened more access to young people in voicing out their concerns through digital space. To maximize the technology, Penjaga Laut community with EcoDefender and supported by EcoNusa, conducted a digital training session in one suburban area close to the capital city yet experience the negative impact of the climate crisis […]

Youth Voice in COP 26 and Indonesia to Combat against Climate Crisis

In the COP 26, young people were invited to articulate their voices on climate crisis. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) established children and youth constituents so-called YOUNGO in 2009. Now YOUNGO has 200 youth organizations and more than 5,500 individual members. On the climate summit, Heeta Lakhani and Marie-Claire Graf of YOUNGO Global […]

Thousand Youngsters Performing Aksi Muda Jaga Iklim as Youth Pledge Manifesto

Green initiative through Youth Action to Mitigate Climate (Aksi Muda Jaga Iklim/AMJI) was deemed a new manifesto among youngsters in response to the looming global climate crisis. More than 7,500 peoples collaboratively performed their green actions in commemoration of Youth Pledge Day on 28 October at 76 spots across provinces in Indonesia. The actions started […]