Young People Safeguarding Maluku Sea

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Based on report from government organization and environmental organization such as the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)’s Oceanography Study Center, World Resource Institute, and Greenpeace, sea ecosystem in Indonesia is under threat. Based on, there are only 5.3 percent of coral reefs in good condition and the other 30.45 percent in very poor condition. Indonesia also lost 2 hectares of mangrove from 1982 to 2000 which is predicted to continue increasing in number. Fisheries are also facing serious problem with overfishing in nearly all of fisheries management areas (WPP) in Indonesia. 

Why Safeguard Maluku Sea? 

Maluku sea with its all kinds of resources has potentials in the context of sea-sourced food security. The potential fisheries can reach 4.6 million tons as of the total of national fisheries resources of 12.5 million tons. In other words, fisheries potentials in Maluku cover 37 percent of the national fisheries resources potentials. Such big potentials need attention of all elements in terms of the utilization. 

Ocean has got larger pressure. Exploration of sea resources especially in Maluku Island could end up on the excessive sea exploitation as the fisheries management ignores the concepts of sustainable utilization of fisheries resources. 

Problem on the ocean is not only the government’s concern, but our collective problem. Massive pressures and threat to Indonesian sea require collective endeavour and participation of all elements to defend and preserve the potentials and resources. Collaboration among parties is absolutely needed to conserve the future of Indonesian sea, particularly Maluku sea.

Young People and Collaboration to Defend Maluku sea

Indonesia is predicted to increase the number of productive population of 15-64 years of age up to 70 percent up through to 2045. Indonesia has demographic bonus. It implies that Indonesia will have a large number of youngsters who potentially spearhead in environmental protection particularly in conserving sea resources.

Considering the large potential of young people. EcoNusa set off some initiatives for sea protection activities. The joint initiative to safeguard sea was materialized in the Safeguarding Sea (Jaga Laut) meeting on 31 January 2021 attended by 20 communities. They made joint commitment to protect, campaign, and perform concrete actions to create healthy sea as the future of the nation. 

Jaga Laut is deemed the way for Indonesian sea defenders deriving from active young peoples with creative ideas who voluntarily make collaborative movement to create sustainable Indonesian sea. The volunteers group believe that ideal sea should be free from pollution, exploitation and under conservation.

Individual and community collaborations through ‘Jaga Laut Indonesia’ initiative is the vehicle in pursuit of health and sustainable sea through various activities and campaigns for ocean protection. The campaigns on prudent waste disposal and single use plastic reduction and other small daily matters will support an attainment of clean and healthy sea. 

Joining with ‘Jaga Laut Indonesia’ will bolster the support for making healthy, sustainable and just ocean to bring back the Indonesian ocean excellence. Registration of interested volunteer could be done virtually from .

Editor: Leo Wahyudi & V. Arnila Wulandani

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