The Story of Cacao Farmers in Papua: from being Successful to Now being Struggle

The land of Papua is a blessing for its indigenous communities. Various types of plants can grow thickly and become a source of livelihood for the community, such as sago, coffee, nutmeg, tubers and cocoa. In Jayapura and Keerom Regencies, Papua, cocoa has become one of main sources of livelihood. Some cocoa farmers admit that […]

Indigenous Community Should Defend Their Right for Natural Resources

Indigenous people is expected to have capacity to recognize and maintain their rights for natural resources. Hence, they have knowledge on the value which is worth to struggle not only for the current generation but also the next generation of the indigenous people. This is the conclusion from Mubariq Ahmad, the Director of Conservation Strategy […]

Exploring Gisim Village’s Potentials in Sorong

License revocation of four palm oil companies in Sorong Regency, West Papua, spreads out in 9 Districts, namely Segun, Salawati, Malabotom, Klamono, Mariat, Mayamuk, Sayosa, Konhir, and Wemak. The locations of villages with the formerly revoked concession are located at the expanse of natural forests areas. The rich natural resources of those locations should be […]

Forest Volunteers Motivate Youth for Real Action at Village

With the mounting threats of deforestation and degradation of forest and ocean in eastern Indonesia as the last frontier, it requires the roles of all parties, particularly young peoples. Considering the fact, EcoNusa initiated Young Forests Volunteers (RHM) initiative in collaboration with the Muhammadiyah Education University (UNIMUDA) of Sorong to work out this agenda. UNIMUDA […]

Walking While Making Pathway

In a beautiful morning end of June 2022, Dina Fadan and Sereptura Fadan got good news after the arrival of Jefri Fadan, the Head of Klasman Village in Malabotom District, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. Upon having just had their breakfast with baked sago, bread, and sweet tea, both was delighted as they were assigned […]

Revamping Namatota Tourism Village with Honai

Fascination and exquisiteness of Kaimana in West Papua are the dream of holidaymakers. One of them is Namatota tourism village, in addition to other attractive tourism objects. To provide more charm, EcoNusa jointly with the villagers of Namatota built six honai (Papuan traditional house) as the enjoyment spots, three swings nearby beach, and viewing tower […]

Developing Village Based on Potential and Asset

Planning village development based on asset and potential is the initial capital to generate humane development in Tanah Papua. Development does not only talk about public and social facilities that have not been completed well at the villages. Sitting and planning village development with each clan make the villagers equal in defining the direction of […]

W20: Women, Pivotal Milestone for Village Development 

Gender equality has been the shared goal to strive social justice and welfare equally in the world, including Indonesia. Based on the gender equality index released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Indonesia is on the 103rd as from 162 countries in terms of gender equality. The position is deemed the third lowest among […]

STS Tarsa, Collaborative Action to Develop Village

Land property system in Tanah Papua becomes a major factor for agriculture development. Unlike those of Java Island with land rental system by farmer, every clan in Tanah Papua has productive area for their cultivation.  The motivating words here was addressed by the Head of Sorong Regency’s Food, Horticulture, and Plantation, Frengki Wamafma, to local […]

Exigency of Youth Mobilization to Save Our Ocean

Young generation is labelled as critical, creative, and technology-savvy generation. With these strongpoints, young generation is expected to become a future excellent leader who could solve the existing ecological complication and create a better life on Earth. “Today, there are many more young people showing their existence to articulate their concerns with environmental issues including […]

Papuan Superior Commodity and Its Challenge

The song lyric of “our land is paradise land” of “Kolam Susu (Pond of Milk)” song by Koes Ploes years ago is not a nonsense. Tanah Papua has become one of the living evident. The areas of Papua and West Papua Provinces have the richest biodiversity in the world in addition to Papua New Guinea. […]

Five Tips in Writing Short News for Youth Camp

Usually, a novice writer finds it hard to start writing the first paragraph. Therefore, the beginner should understand the SPOA (Subject, Predicate, Object, Adverb) formula.  The statement was addressed by the managing editor of and Fokus Papua, Alberth “Abe” Yomo. He elaborated 5 tricks to write short news to the participants of Youth Camp […]

Traditional Boat and Biak Tribe Sailing Pattern

Biak Tribe is known as the notable sea traveler. The tribe from Biak and Numfor Islands here could create various kinds of boat based on need which then becomes their tradition. The motif varies from a need for livelihood up through to slave hunt.  In a journal entitled “Biak Numfor People Before 19th Century: A […]

Yosua, A Teamster of Wet Saifi Reading Club Community

Apart from the public stigma of Tanah Papua concerning with the poor access of education, data from the Statistics Indonesia (BPS) 2021 shows a good hope. BPS reveals data that the average school year (RLS) of the above 25-year-old populations in West Papua continues to grow every year. The RLS in 2021 grew into 7.69 […]

Youth Camp Calls Youngsters to Act for Ecological Crisis

Youth Camp serves as the media that helps young people to have more sensitivity to environmental issues. The statement was addressed by Muhammad Lutfi, the Coordinator of Sorong EcoDefender, in the Youth Camp event held in Mibi Beach, Makbon District, Sorong Regency, on 11 June 2022. On the Youth Camp, young peoples were trained to […]

GTRA Summit 2022, President Emphasizing Synergy for Tenurial Conundrum

The 2022 Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) Summit is expected to integrate, incorporate all ministries, institutions, and local governments to work for the shared objective, that is to resolve the existing tenurial problems amidst the society. The statement was addressed by President Joko Widodo on the opening of the 2022 GTRA Summit in Marina Togo […]