Yosua, A Teamster of Wet Saifi Reading Club Community

Apart from the public stigma of Tanah Papua concerning with the poor access of education, data from the Statistics Indonesia (BPS) 2021 shows a good hope. BPS reveals data that the average school year (RLS) of the above 25-year-old populations in West Papua continues to grow every year. The RLS in 2021 grew into 7.69 […]

Youth Camp Calls Youngsters to Act for Ecological Crisis

Youth Camp serves as the media that helps young people to have more sensitivity to environmental issues. The statement was addressed by Muhammad Lutfi, the Coordinator of Sorong EcoDefender, in the Youth Camp event held in Mibi Beach, Makbon District, Sorong Regency, on 11 June 2022. On the Youth Camp, young peoples were trained to […]

GTRA Summit 2022, President Emphasizing Synergy for Tenurial Conundrum

The 2022 Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) Summit is expected to integrate, incorporate all ministries, institutions, and local governments to work for the shared objective, that is to resolve the existing tenurial problems amidst the society. The statement was addressed by President Joko Widodo on the opening of the 2022 GTRA Summit in Marina Togo […]

Om, Priceless Food for Ngalum Ok Tribe

Ngalum Ok tribe is one of the indigenous Papuan tribes dwelling in the Oksibil Valley, Bintang Mountains. Like the other indigenous Papuan tribes, the life of the Ngalum Ok people has a very strong connection with nature. Most of Ngalum Ok peoples cultivate crops as their main livelihood. Some food crops here are like om […]

Edor Village Not Inferior as It Is Internet and Digital Literate

Following the release of Edor Village’s official website, the Kaimana Regency’s Communication and Information Office, in West Papua, in collaboration with EcoNusa organized a millennial cadre training (PMK) on 2-3 June 2022 at the Communication and Information Office.  Five youngsters of Edor Village were selected as the training participants who were taught on basic journalism […]

Ngalum Ok Tribe, Water People from Bintang Mountains

Ngalum Ok tribe is one of seven tribes inhabiting the valley, precisely in the Oksibil valley, in the southern part of the Jayawijaya Mountains range of Bintang Mountains areas in Papua. The word Oksibil in Ngalum Weng (Ngalum language) consists of two words: Ok which means water, and Sibil which means near. Ngalum itself means […]

Edor Village Website Launching, Progress for Data-based Local Planning

Kaimana Regency Communication and Information Office in collaboration with EcoNusa and Edor Village Government released official website for Edor Village on 31 May 2022. The website which is accessible at https://edor.kaimanakab.go.id will help expose any activity performed by the government and community of Edor Village. Website launching of Edor Village was officially done by Freddy […]

Jayapura Administrative Court Turned Down PT ASI and PT PUA Lawsuits

Jayapura Administrative Court turned down the lawsuits against South Sorong Regent related to his revocation of palm oil licenses filed by PT Anugerah Sakti Internusa (ASI) and PT Persada Utama Agromulia (PUA), on Monday 23 May 2022. On the exception, the Jayapura Administrative Court Judges acceded the defendant exception represented by South Sorong Regency Government […]

STS Morekau Closing, Sharing Session for Village Development

Saka Mese Nusa Social Transformation School (STS) held in Morekau Village, Seram Bagian Barat Regency, on 8-25 February 2021 was concluded this month. The closing was done in Kamal Village in Seram Bagian Barat Regency, Maluku Province, on 19-21 May 2022. “You have learned in STS a year before and it has been more than […]

Getting Money from Protecting Land in Yoboi Village

Natural richness in Tanah Papua provides abundance to anyone that protect them. This is wat Billy Tokoro, the founder of Pace Kreatif, who tries to utilize sago forest as ecotourism. Billy is the local youngster of Yoboi Village in Jayapura, Papua. With his Pace Kreatif’s pals, Billy assigned a certain area at sago village to […]

Menke Womom, Imminence Proof of Abun Tribe and Oceans God

As to Abun Tribe, leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is deemed the significant Oceans God that need preservation. The existence of the fauna is believed to bring blessing to the surrounding creature including Abun Tribe, a native tribe dwelling in Abun District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. Therefore, Abun Tribe has a locally-called Menke Womom ritual to […]

STS Just a Start

Social Transformation School (STS) initiated by EcoNusa Foundation is part of a series of local education. The process was set off by visiting the targeted villages to conduct brief survey and interview with village apparatus. The visits were intended to identify the existing potentials of each areas. EcoNusa has targeted villages whose areas were parts […]

Historical Moment, West Papua Hosts W20 and Y20

West Papua will host the Women 20 (W20) and Youth 20 (Y20) Pre-Summits as the side event of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit this year. In his speech, West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan on the event of West Papua Onward Glory, Pre-Event of W20 and Y20 Manokwari Talk Show said the government of West […]

“Not Just Knowing How to Eat, But How to Plant Too”

“Not just knowing how to eat, but also how to plant too”. The statement addressed by women working in the public kitchen which served the Social Transformation School (STS) in Mogatemin, South Sorong Regency, when they ate papeda (traditional porridge made from sago) seemed to be jokingly said. However, this utterance passed judgment to Dorina […]

STS Participants Questioning Forest Status to South Sorong FMU

Social Transformation School (STS) at Mogatemin Village, Kais Darat District, South Sorong Regency, appeared to become the way for crucial and interesting discussion among villagers. They who have so far questioned on the status of their forests eventually got the answers, despite the dissatisfaction.  It could be seen from some STS Mogatemin participants when they […]

Arguni Bawah Community Using Garden Yields for Organic Fertilizer

Located at the fertile land with abundant natural resources has given prominence to Kufuriyai and Manggera Villages in Arguni Bawah District, Kaimana Regency, in West Papua Province. Despite the fact that nutmeg remains the top distinction in those regions, the other resource potentials might not be overlooked, including organic fertilizer. In the journalist trip organized […]

Public and Youth Hope for Governor Regulation on Indigenous People Recognition in West Papua

Recognition process of customary land and indigenous people at a certain area usually takes years. The procedure begins with a regulation on procedures of indigenous people recognition and protection issued by the regency or mayoralty governments. Then the regent/mayor establishes a committee on indigenous people to identify indigenous people in their areas, verify, validate, and […]