Restore Faster, Recover Stronger

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Beach clean up at Banda Island. (EcoNusa Foundation/Victor Fidelis)

I purposely adopt the central theme of the 77 th RI Independence Day this year for the article. The theme has straightforwardly represented the fact in Indonesia while serving as the spirit for recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic has not come to an end, as thousands of peoples are still infected by Covid-19 up to the moment. However, the recovery rate remains high with very low mortality rate. The government does not need to pull any emergency break. Economy has been reviving along with the normalcy of people’s activities despite the compliance with health protocol. Moreover, Indonesian economy is quite solid if compared to some major countries that now suffer from inflation amidst the weakening global economic.

We should be proud of the current condition of Indonesia. People’s welfare has improved if it is seen from some key indicators such as poverty plummet and unemployment rate drop, employment increase. At least the national economic recovery has run very well. In fact, the economic and development activities have been moving forward again.

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However, we can hardly close our eyes to the fact that the lingering problems still exist in the country. The conundrums here concern with some issues on leadership, democracy, environment, human resources quality, polarization of ideology, social justice, and the likes. Those problems need joint resolution.

EcoNusa has been called to contribute to situation improvement of the country, particularly when it deals with some issues on ecology and human resources development in eastern Indonesia. This is the reflected from the fifth anniversary of the organization in last July.

The Board Meeting of Trustees, Supervisor, and Management of EcoNusa Foundation last month appreciated the swift progresses made by the organization. However, the Board of Trustee kept reminding of the long way to go. It should manage energy and strategy so that EcoNusa could provide meanings to many people.

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Inspired by Haiven and Khasnabish book, The Radical Imagination, I agree that now we need to have a radical imagination. The imagination does not simply deal with the future dream, but bring all possibilities in the future into the present through action and new solidarity. The radical imagination also remembers the strength and struggle in the past so as to become spirit of the present transformation endeavor. I think the Independence Day commemoration here is very contextual with the radical imagination.

The radical imagination does not affiliate to any political issue, but rather a collective process that should be done together. It is not simply about tactic, strategy, or belief, but radical imagination is about understanding that a system could be changed gradually. It is the time for young people to have radical imagination. They are the nation’s future generation.

EcoNusa pays serious attention on the young people. They should be seriously taken into account as they have the solution for the country improvement. The organization believes that young people is a priceless asset to make a change. At least, they could start voting the candidates of country leaders who care about democracy and ecology. Meanwhile, they keep learning on networking and diplomacy on sustainable ecology.

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The momentum of Independence Day, Scout Day, has given strong meaning and mandate to EcoNusa on its 5 th anniversary. I am very optimistic with President Joko Widodo’s remark in commemorating the Scout Day this year. “Amidst the global uncertainty and crisis threat, the blossom of Indonesian nations continues growing and working,” said President. Econusa makes every effort for the youngsters so that they keep growing and working for the sustainability of ecology and people’s welfare, particularly those in the eastern Indonesia.

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