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Papua Young Scientists Competition

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Having a very abundant natural wealth, the natural regions of Eastern Indonesia, especially the Land of Papua, are not only exploited physically but also explored through research on natural resources and socio-cultural communities by non-local people and even by foreigners. The studies conducted tend to be “helicopter style”, where the results of the studies are brought out of the Land of Papua, so that the local community does not receive benefits or positive input from the results of the research.

Research as a scientific activity is very important in the formulation of policies and advocacy in various sectors, as well as community development programs. On the other hand, only a small number of the people of Tanah Papua, especially young people, have an interest in conducting research on their own territory and the results can be utilized by local communities and decision-making.

To bridge the gap mentioned above, the Econusa Foundation in 2020 took the initiative to launch the Papua Young Scientists Competition program. This program aims to organize both college and private students in Tanah Papua as reliable researchers and conduct research on sustainable development in Tanah Papua. It is expected that the participation of these young people can produce research as the basis of policy formulation, policy advocacy, and resource innovation that can accelerate the achievement of the commitments of the provinces of Papua and West Papua as a province of sustainable development.

Young people who pass the selection will have the opportunity to participate in a series of capacity building activities for young capable scientists, among others, the Papua Land Sustainable Development research bootcamp, technical assistance in conducting training, mentoring from senior researchers, science communication workshops and research seminars in Jakarta.

This program is expected to be a trigger for young people of Tanah Papua who have an interest in research to develop their abilities and voice their research findings at a broader level.

Registration for Papuan Young Scientists is extended to 17 July 2020. Come on, register yourself right away!

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