Mandoni Village, Mangrove Crab Village

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Mangrove crabs that live in Mandoni Village, Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province (EcoNusa Foundation/Kei Miamoto)

Mandoni Village in Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province, may be proud of the crops benefited by mangroves surrounding their village. They can catch mangrove crabs, small crabs, clams, and fish. Their mangrove crabs were quite famous, especially in the Kokas District and communities outside of Kokas. The mangrove crabs from this the area are quite large in size. One mangrove crab can even weigh more than one kilogram.

The benefits of mangrove ecosystems are not only related to ecological issues. In fact, mangrove ecosystem can improve economically the welfare of the surrounding community. A villager, Sangadiah, has been the living proof. This mother can build a house and establish a PAUD (Early Childhood Education) school from catching mangrove crabs. Similarly, Mariam, another fellow villager, can afford her children’s college  tuition from catching mangrove crabs in the ecosystem.

They show how to catch mangrove crabs traditionally. Their way is very environmentally friendly. They will release back the eggs-laid female crabs and small sizes crabs. As to those villagers, they use traditional way due to their concerns that the next generation could get enjoyable benefit as they could now.  These mothers represent other Mandoni community who catch mangrove crabs in a sustainable way.

The dense mangrove forest area surrounding Mandoni Village is divided into two statuses, namely the primary  and secondary mangrove ecosystem areas. The difference between the two areas is more on mangrove ecosystems that have not get any human intervention or in pristine state and the areas that have been intervened by the use of wood and other benefits. The ecosystem areas here are mostly dominated by mangrove ecosystem with species such as Avicennia sp, Sonneratia sp, Rizhopora sp, and Bruguria sp. The mangrove ecosystem in Mandoni area is deemed a haven for the development and preservation of marine and brackish water fauna. Thus, the area here serve as the suitable place for spawning ground, nursery ground, and feeding ground for all of these water fauna.

Mandoni village people get economic benefits from mangrove ecosystem. This serves as an example to other areas surrounding the mangrove ecosystem. All parties should be responsible for sustainable conservation, maintenance and management of mangrove ecosystem areas. It is not simply the responsibility of the community surrounding  the mangrove area such as Mandoni Village.

Editor: Leo Wahyudi S

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