Danilla Riyadi: Small Action for Big Impact to Environment

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Musician Danilla Riyadi always asks to his technician before her stage performance. She does not want to drink mineral water from single-use plastic bottle behind the stage. Danilla and his 13 teammates are passionately reducing the use of single-use plastics. They always bring tumbler with them to every music performance and personal life.

“We bring our need at backstage which is not connoted with plastic. We do not want the backstage dirty with unnecessary food waste. We do not do that as far as we can. Now I use cassava-made plastics and always bring three extra bags. It is as simple as that, but it has big impact (to environment),” said Danilla sharing with the participants of virtual School of Eco Diplomacy (SED) Intermediate Class entitled “Art for Earth” on Thursday, 5 November 2020.

The young soloist often reminds her fellow musicians not to use single-use plastics. On the stage, Danilla every so often calls her fans to nurture environment through simple ways such as disposing trash properly. As to her, the small step will give major impact to environmental sustainability.

Danilla’s concern to environment seemingly comes from her parents. Her mother loves multifarious foliage.  Her father is animal lover. Once her parents punished the little Danilla by not giving her pocket money after she carelessly littered. She also made her parents get mad because she played with vegetation sap as it looked like milk. From her parents upbringing, she learned about environment and inspired her works. 

 Danilla expresses her concern about environment in Indonesia in her piece entitling ‘Ini dan Itu’ as part of the album of ‘Lintasan Waktu (2017)’. The song has soft tone and lyrics depicting anger, hope and apprehension. On the other hand, Danilla does not act as a ‘judge’ who judges human destructive deeds to nature and animal.

“I compose this song because at the time I got much information on cruel treatment against animal, trees cutting without planting. So, as to me, I wonder why this world forget about re-greening and I have that concern. There are a lot of human who intends to destroy environment as many as those intending to sustain it. It is up to us, which path we choose,” said Danilla.

Before the 30 participants of Intermediate SED class, Danilla expressed her sadness with the Job Creation Law. It started from the Job Creation draft bill, public rejection through petition and demonstration up through to the deliberation of the Job Creation Law made Danilla so angry that she decided to stop watching television.

“I am mad at it. Finally I turned off my TV. Anger, sadness all mixed up. Omnibus Law does not concern only with environment, but also economy. But Indonesian economy is accustomed to unfriendly to environment. Young people with brilliant ideas were not involved, and so were architect, or other experts on nature,” said Danilla.

Editor: Leo Wahyudi & V. Arnila Wulandani

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