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Sorong Raya Cooperatives Workshop

EcoNusa Foundation is committed to the economic development of local communities, especially in Eastern Indonesia. One of the efforts to achieve this, EcoNusa is encouraging the formation of cooperatives in the Maluku and Papua regions. A total of 14 cooperatives have been supported by EcoNusa, including four cooperatives in Sorong Raya area which have been […]

The Potential of Fisheries Resources in Kampung Konda, South Sorong

On February 7, 2024, P2KP, Loka PSPL, USAID Kolektif, and EcoNusa Foundation visited Konda Village, Konda District, South Sorong Regency. The guests were warmly welcomed by the local community accompanied by the Pesa Dome dance typical of the Yaben Tribe, and paired with a grass crown as a symbol of community acceptance. On this occasion, […]

Distribution and Planting of Betel nut Betara Seeds in Jayapura and Keerom

Betara areca nut is one of the leading commodities. Apart from being consumed for ‘menginag’ by communities, dried betel nut seeds can also be used as industrial and pharmaceutical raw materials, such as for cosmetic mixtures, candy mixtures, as well as natural dyes for cloth and cotton, as well as mixtures for making medicines. Areca […]

The Dissemination of Rereading Eastern Indonesia

Community assistance in Papua and the Maluku Islands needs to adapt to the dynamics occurring in the field, both at the local and national levels. In order to formulate a five-year strategy, the EcoNusa Foundation conducts a comprehensive review of Papua and the Maluku Islands to ensure that the community assistance process is more precisely […]

Customary Territory of 7 Clans in Klafyo and Waimon Villages Gets Government Recognition

The year 2024 was welcomed sweetly with the submission of seven documents of the Regent Decree (SK) on the Protection and Recognition of Indigenous Peoples and Customary Territories in Klafyo Village, Konhir District and Waimon Village, Segun District, Sorong Regency, Southwest Papua with a total customary area of 12,157.98 hectares. The seven documents, which were […]

End of Year Meeting 2023

The year-end meeting of all EcoNusa staff is a regular agenda for the organization to present and reflect on the program’s performance, achievements, collaborations, and challenges throughout 2023. It serves as a moment of appreciation for the efforts of all staff in achieving the organization’s vision in Eastern Indonesia, where EcoNusa’s work is felt, recognized, […]

Book Launch “Sampari: Harvest Period and Matoa Fairy”

The bird of paradise is one of the birds endemic to Tanah Papua and part of the culture of indigenous peoples. The presence of birds of paradise is a barometer of forest conditions, because birds only live in dense forests. Forests are also the people’s livelihood. Unfortunately, this type of bird is threatened with extinction […]

Taro Harvest in Klaflum Village, Sorong

Klaflum village community in Konhir District, Sorong Regency held taro harvest, Tuesday, 7 December 2023. Approximately 2.5 tons of taro were harvested from 500 taro plants. Besides, they brought that taro to consume with their family, they also sold the taro. The taro harvest in Klaflum Village is the result of the Social Transformation School […]

Expansion of Non-Chemical Rice Cultivation in Seraran Village, West Papua

6-hectare plots in the Seraran Village, Arguni Bawah District of Kaimana, West Papua were prepared by local farmers to grow rice in an organic manner, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 20 local villagers were participated in the land preparation. The paddy field will use rice seeds sourced from a 1-hectare demontration plot […]

Customary School Cares for Moi Land Culture and Nature

After more than four decades, in 1972, finally traditional education in the Malamoi region, specifically the Moi Salkma and Klabra sub-tribes, was held again in 2023. Located in Saluk Village, Wemak District, traditional education is carried out in the wilderness for more than two years (2 years, 4 months, 13 days). The opening of traditional […]

Aksi Muda Jaga Iklim 2023

Protecting the climate is mandatory for all mankind. UN have stated the ending of global warming and the beginning of global boiling. It is URGENT!  As we commemorate the 95th National Youth Pledge Day, it is the opportunity for youth to manifest their patriotism by joining the collaborative movement of #AksiMudaJagaIkim. Simultaneously across 300 sites […]

Confronting Orthodoxis: Evolving Mindset – Global Philanthropy Forum 2023

Unlocking the inspiring stories of indigenous and local communities from Papua and the Maluku Islands, ready to captivate the world. Join CEO EcoNusa Foundation, Bustar Maitar, as he unveils successful collaborations and indigenous-led initiatives in protecting Eastern Indonesia’s climate, forests, and ocean ecosystems: Global Philanthropy Forum 2023Confronting Orthodoxis: Evolving Mindset17-19 October 2023San Francisco

Launching of Public Perception Research on Measured Fishing and Small Scale Fisheries

8 June 2023 Small-scale fishermen are the backbone of Indonesia’s fishery needs. On this World Ocean Day, EcoNusa unveiled the results of collaborative researches on WPP 714, 715 and 718 with the Politeknik Kelautan dan Perikanan Maluku, Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku, dan Universitas Pattimura Ambon. These researches were conducted to study and analyze the condition of […]

Netizen Gathering 2023: Torang Pu Alam with Full of Taste

Welcoming International Biodiversity Day, the EcoNusa Foundation together with EcoDefender and Marine Guardians invite online netizens to share knowledge and taste the natural wealth of the Land of Papua which is a source of food and nutrition at the “Netizen Gathering: Torang Pu Alam with Full of Taste” on 23 May 2023.

Temu Netizen

23 May 2023 ‘Temu Netizen’ or The Gathering of Netizens, which raises the topic of biodiversity, will invite EcoNusa, Marine Rangers, and EcoDefender followers to retell about the biodiversity potential of Eastern Indonesia, especially Papua through digital channels and increase sensitivity to the natural situation in suppressing the pace of climate change so that the […]

Kemah Pemuda 2023

March – April 2023 Youth Camp is back! EcoDefender in support of EcoNusa will conduct a series of Youth Camps in several areas in the land of Papua and Maluku island to recruit young conservation cadres. These 3-day capacity building activities aim to increase the sense of crisis in young people especially on environmental protection […]

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