4 Papua’s Endemic Animals You Should Know

What kind of animal comes to mind when you’re asked to name a Papuan animal? Some endemic Papuan animals, such as birds of paradise, cassowaries, and tree kangaroos, may be familiar to you. Apart from these three creatures, Papua has a variety of other endemic species. According to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Papua […]


Yayasan Ekosistem Nusantara Berkelanjutan (Yayasan EcoNusa) merupakan  organisasi nirlaba yang bertujuan untuk memperbaiki pengelolaan sumber daya alam yang berkeadilan dan berkelanjutan di Indonesia dengan memberikan penguatan terhadap inisiatif lokal serta pengembangan kapasitas kelompok masyarakat untuk mewujudkan visi yayasan. Untuk meningkatkan kualitas program, pencapaian perubahan yang diinginkan serta mendukung berbagai inisiatif lokal, Yayasan EcoNusa menyiapkan Program […]

EcoNusa Annual Report 2020

Since February 2020, EcoNusa has executed a lot of imperative activities in eastern Indonesia. The organization has even planned 36 activities for the following months. However, unexpectedly the first Covid-19 outbreak happened in Indonesia. The deadly virus eventually spread out the diseases into the alarming level of pandemic with rapid transmission and high mortality rate. […]

Kompetisi Tarian Burung Cenderawasih

4 Oktober – 10 Desember 2021 Dekripsi singkat: Kompetisi Tarian Burung Cenderawasih merupakan rangkaian dari kegiatan “Momotoa ke Sekolah” untuk memperkenalkan tarian Cenderawasih kepada para siswa/i di Papua dan kepulauan Maluku. Sekolah yang berpartisipasi akan melakukan tarian Cenderawasih sesuai dengan koreo yang telah dicontohkan secara berkelompok.  Syarat dan ketentuan mengikuti Kompetisi Tarian Cenderawasih Syarat mengikuti […]

For nature, culture and conservation

When we started our mission, our ambition has directed us to achieve transformative and inclusive goals and targets. As the world changed with some pandemic challenges, we have gradually been continuing our works innovatively while considering public health and social measures. For your continuous support to our efforts in promoting the sovereignty values of natural […]

MACE on Campus: Youth Action Responds to Climate Action

11 Oktober 2021 MACE Papua Maluku is now on campus! This time, together with friends and academics from Jenderal Sudirman University (Unsoed), EcoNusa will discuss the role of young people in responding to the climate crisis. You can all join us in finding out what we can do to move together to save the earth. […]

MACE: Defending Paradise

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Register now! Zoom Webinar Mari Cerita Papua dan Maluku, MACE: Defending Paradise Date: 28 September 2021Time : 16.00 WIB / 18.00 WITA / 09.00 GMT Panelist :– Tim Laman – Wildlife Photographer– Prof. Dr. Charlie D. Heatubun, S.Hut. M.Si – Head of BALITBANGDA Papua Barat– Ed Scholes – Ornitologist at Cornell […]

Evaluasi Perizinan Kelapa Sawit: Kembalikan hak kelola SDA kepada Masyarakat Adat di Papua

Senin, 20 September 2021 Join Zoom Webinar “Evaluasi Perizinan Kelapa Sawit: Kembalikan hak kelola SDA kepada Masyarakat Adat di Papua” Date: 20 September 2021Time : 13.00 -15.00 / 14.00-16.00 WITA Panelist :– Dian Patria – Komisi Pemberatasan Korupsi– Nur Amalia – Ketua Tim Kuasa Hukum Bupati Sorong– Benediktus Hery Wijayanto-Kepala Bidang Perkebunan Dinas Tanaman Pangan […]

NOKEN: Nature Stories on TikTok

Sabtu, 18 September 2021 EcoNusa, once again held a NOKEN (Environmental Chat with EcoNusa) activity “Nature Stories on TikTok” theme. There will be Irene Komala (Content Creator) as a speaker and will be hosted by Esterlina Virginia Muabuay. Save the date and don’t forget to register: Saturday, September 18, 2021 12:00-14:00 WIB / 14:00-16:00 WIB […]

Sosialisasi Ilmuwan Muda Papua 2021

Saturday, July 3, 2021 Balitbanda West Papua in collaboration with EcoNusa, again held a Young Papuan Scientist Activity with the theme “Managing Natural and Cultural Resources of the Land of Papua”. Then… who can join the Young Papuan Scientist? How do you do it? Let’s go to the points together at the 2021 Papua Young […]

Make’em Whistle Like A Bird of Paradise: Everytime I Take Part to Fight Climate Change

Saturday, June 26, 2021 Climate change is really happening! Today’s unnatural weather and natural phenomena are the result, and we can’t ignore this! This incident led many young people to initiate movements to reduce the impact of climate change. And you can hear the story through the webinar “Make’em Whistle Like A Bird of Paradise: […]

Kaimana Calls for Eco-Diplomat

The potential of marine and fishery resources in Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province, leads to big responsibility to all stakeholders to keep protecting them. Young people is expected to play major role to conserve ecosystem and call for public participation. The statement was addressed by Kaimana Regency Secretary, Luther Rumpumbo, on the Basic Class of […]

Handing West Papua Forests Back to Titleholders

Cooperation involving West Papua Province Government, indigenous community and all stakeholders on the palm oil estate licenses review has led to worthy achievement. Since 2018, West Papua Province Government has evaluated 24 licenses of palm oil estate and could revoke more than 314,000 hectares of concession areas. The figure more than four times of Singapore. […]

Sail to Campus – Universitas Padjajaran

Dekan Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan Unpad Yudi Nurul Ihsan menyampaikan kata sambutan sebelum diskusi dimulai Dosen Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan Noir Primadona Purba membawakan materi pengembangan teknologi oceanografi Program Officer Global Fishing Watch Wildan Ghiffary membawakan materi tentang teknologi pemantauan kapal untuk identidikasi praktik perikanan ilegal Program Officer Global Fishing Watch Wildan Ghiffary […]

School of Eco Diplomacy – Kaimana

Are you a young person aged 16-25 years? Live and do activities in Kaimana, West Papua? Do you have more interest in environmental issues? Want to make real change? This year the EcoNusa Foundation is again holding training for young people who have an interest in environmental conditions in West Papua through the activities of […]


We are focusing on the issues of encouraging sustainable management on the oceans, including better management of fisheries. To build leadership from the community is one of the primary keys, while single-use plastic waste is an essential angle in creating public awareness. EcoNusa will continue to develop leadership at the local and national levels, especially […]


Indonesia has the last frontier of the tropical forest and marine ecosystems that  lies in Papua and Maluku regions with the remaining the pristine forest and rich marine biodiversity. However, they are under the looming threat of deforestation, exploitative behaviours, and poverty due to limited accesses to local resources, education, health, and infrastructure. Despite the […]