Strategy for Strengthening Indigenous Peoples and Ecosystems in Eastern Indonesia

Adaptive, innovative & efficient strategies are important in collaborative works in strengthening indigenous people and protecting the environment, as the main focus of EcoNusa. Through an annual strategic meeting, on 23-25 January 2023 in Sorong, Southwest Papua, EcoNusa completed programs and activities for 2023, which will also serve as a forum for internal improvement to […]

Indigenous Deliberation Formation of the Tambrauw Indigenous Community Institution

The Indigenous Meeting for the Formation of the Tambrauw Indigenous Community Institution (Musdat-Lemata) took place from 18 to 21 January 2023. The opening of this event was attended by: Special Staff of the President (Ms. Ohe), Head of Monitoring & Evaluation of Special Autonomy data for the provincial regional secretariat. West Papua (Mr. Vitalis Yumte […]

Homestay Renovation Support Arefi Batanta Utara Raja Ampat: Kriss-Iba Homestay

With our natural resources programs, EcoNusa Foundation supports the economic recovery for homestay business in East Arefi, North Batanta, Raja Ampat. Started in November-December 2022, EcoNusa provided assistance in repairing accommodations for  Kriss-Iba Homestay, Iboryomkun Homestay and Biryei Homestay at East Arefi. 

Sustaining the Ecology: Conserving “Ridge to Reef”

We focus to support forest, coastal and marine protection as well as biodiversity, in accordance with the efforts, regulations and policies of both the national and regional governments which prioritize the community as the main stakeholder with existing local wisdom. This is an important climate solution for Indonesia and the world. Not only prioritizing the […]

Miere Tribe Customary Forest Proposal Meeting

Two clans of the Miere tribe, Awujani and Maramoy, held a customary meeting to agree on the areas to be proposed as customary forests that would be recognized by the state. This activity was carried out to answer the mandate of the Governor of West Papua Province Regulation No. 25 of 2021 concerning Procedures for […]

MACE #5: The Potential of Areca Nut: From Tradition to Ready for Export

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 MACE Papua dan Maluku seri #5 yang mengangkat topik Potensi Pengembangan Tanaman Pinang ini akan memberikan pemahaman kepada partisipan terkait manfaat dan potensi buah pinang yang perlu dikembangkan. Kegiatan ini diharapkan mampu memperkenalkan tanaman Pinang kepada masyarakat luas dan memberikan buah pikiran inovasi baru yang berkelanjutan dari pemanfaatan tanaman pinang. Ikuti […]

Aksi Muda Jaga Iklim 2022 at Tanjung Pasir Mangrove Center

The community of Penjaga Laut (Sea Defender) in collaboration with thousands of young peoples performed the Youth Action to Mitigate Climate (AMJI) on Saturday, 29 October 2022. The actions happened in 279 spots across from Aceh to Papua is the youth response to the current climate crisis. The Citarum-Ciliwung BPDASHL Head, Pina Ekalipta, expected that […]

PACE Discussion: New Dreams, Environment & Democracy

On this PACE, Bang Ahmad/Pelor as Political Engagement Coordinator present a topic of New Dreams: Environment & Indonesian Democracy. Bang Pelor told about a new dream project which is a campaign that aims to awake young voters in choosing a candidate for leader who has integrity, cares about the environment, and also trustworthy.

#AksiMudaJagaIklim Netizen Meets

Aksi Muda Jaga Iklim or Youth Action to Protect the Climate is one of the concrete actions of young people to protect the surrounding environment, which will be held simultaneously on 29 October 2022 throughout Indonesia. This Temu Netizen #AksiMudaJagaIklim conducted on October 14, 2022 in Jakarta was an introductions to young people yo have […]

School of Social Transformation at Segun District, Sorong

Social Transformation School (STS) at Segun is part of the Eco Involvement School (SEI) organized by the EcoNusa Foundation. The program aims to support the Government of Sorong Regency in building the resilience of villages that are located in the oil palm concession area. The SEI which was attended by 29 participants began with the […]

Keerom School of Social Transformation

The Village Head Workshop (WKK) and Social Transformation School (STS) are part of the School of Eco-Involvement (SEI) program which aims to build village resilience. This SEI is a series of activities involving stakeholders in the village. These WKK & STS activities in Wambes Village, Mannem District on 3 October 2022, were attended by 68 […]