Five Tips in Writing Short News for Youth Camp

Usually, a novice writer finds it hard to start writing the first paragraph. Therefore, the beginner should understand the SPOA (Subject, Predicate, Object, Adverb) formula.  The statement was addressed by the managing editor of and Fokus Papua, Alberth “Abe” Yomo. He elaborated 5 tricks to write short news to the participants of Youth Camp […]

Yosua, A Teamster of Wet Saifi Reading Club Community

Apart from the public stigma of Tanah Papua concerning with the poor access of education, data from the Statistics Indonesia (BPS) 2021 shows a good hope. BPS reveals data that the average school year (RLS) of the above 25-year-old populations in West Papua continues to grow every year. The RLS in 2021 grew into 7.69 […]

Youth Camp Calls Youngsters to Act for Ecological Crisis

Youth Camp serves as the media that helps young people to have more sensitivity to environmental issues. The statement was addressed by Muhammad Lutfi, the Coordinator of Sorong EcoDefender, in the Youth Camp event held in Mibi Beach, Makbon District, Sorong Regency, on 11 June 2022. On the Youth Camp, young peoples were trained to […]

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