Tabea Bulletin Vol 2

The second edition of the Tabea newsletter has been published. Biodiversity is the main issue that we choose, coinciding with World Biodiversity Day. We also invite young researchers to register themselves to conduct academic research in the field of sustainable development.

Biodiversity in Indonesia is like a bottomless well. Science can always be amazed by what is contained in it. There are 1,592 bird species, 781 reptile species, 270 amphibian species, and 515 mammal species. Of the 25,000 flowering plants, more than half are only in Indonesia.

Among more than 17,000 islands, Tanah Papua, Maluku and North Maluku contribute as a “home” to biodiversity. The area attracted the attention of British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace while exploring the archipelago. Regions in Eastern Indonesia are part of Wallacea, Indonesia’s endemic animal storehouse, even the world.

EcoNusa views forest management through environmental services as one step to maintaining forest sustainability. Through ecotourism and forest-based local commodities, a symbiotic relationship of mutualism occurs. The community can take economic benefits. While the forest is still preserved.

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