News from the Field – Pandemic Impact on Indigenous Peoples (1)

Since March 2020, social restrictions and closure of sea and air transportation access to the Provinces of Papua and West Papua by local governments have been widely applied in all districts. The aim is to prevent and control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Land of Papua. This step is considered quite able to stem the spread of Covid-19 in the Land of Papua. But on the other hand, social restrictions and closure of transportation access also have an impact on indigenous groups and communities in general in the Land of Papua, not least in agriculture and commodities.

The following is news from the field gathered by the EcoNusa Natural Resources Management (PSDA) team in the EcoNusa intervention area about the impact of Covid-19 on agriculture and commodities. Among them, in the Yapen Islands Regency, Kaimana, and Tambrauw.

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