Collection of Executive Summary Collaborative Research on Community Perceptions of Measured Fishing in WPP 714, 715 and 718 as well as Research on Small-Scale Fisheries in Ternate Island Waters

The EcoNusa Foundation, in collaboration with 4 universities in eastern Indonesia, is conducting 5 (five) collaborative research on small-scale fisheries management and the perceptions of fishing communities in eastern Indonesia regarding measurable fishing policies drawn up by the central government. These five collaborative research aims to strengthen policy recommendations for the development of marine and fisheries governance, protection of small fishermen, and sustainability of fishery resources.

Located in WPP 714, 715 and 718, the EcoNusa Foundation conducted 3 (three) joint researches with the Maluku Marine and Fisheries Polytechnic, Maluku Muhammadiyah University, and Ambon Pattimura University. The specific objective of the three collaborative researches is to study and analyze the condition of small-scale fisheries in the 3 WPPs, as well as to find out the perceptions of the small-scale fishing community towards measured fishing policies. And two small-scale fisheries research that took place in the waters of Ternate Island which were carried out together with Khairun University, with the specific aim of studying the development status of small-scale tuna fisheries in the waters of Ternate Island.

The Executive Summary document from the 5 Collaborative Research can be downloaded at the link below:

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