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Sustainability Paradigm, Key to Save Earth

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Sustainability paradigm is believed as a concept to make mankind survive on earth. It is not simply a substitute of classical economy development concept with growth orientation, but also mitigation and endeavor to halt climate change. 

The statement was made by Indonesian Ambassador to Norway Todung Mulya Lubis on the EcoNusa Outlook 2021 aired lively from Sorong, West Papua and virtually on Wednesday February 17, 2021. EcoNusa CEO Bustar Maitar, Malaumkarta Youth Group Chairman Torianus Kalami, Fragrant Lemongrass Planting Coordinator for Mare District Beyum Antonela Baru and Merauke Archbishop’s Caritas Director Father Apolinaris Miller Senduk, and alumni of School of Eco Diplomacy attended the event.

“We are on cross junction to cope with our future as mankind. In this context, the most important is our understanding and commitment on sustainability. Sustainability is the binding perspective that save us in the future. Sustainability is the only way to save mankind in time to come,” said Todung.

Todung highlighted massive flooding happened to 11 regencies and cities in South Kalimantan Province in mid of January 2021. Climate change has triggered extreme weather through heavy rain and strong wind. South Kalimantan’s Disaster Management Agency recorded 300 millimeters downpour level in two days that inundated more than 10,000 houses.

In fact, extreme weather is not the single factor causing massive flood. Forest use change into plantation and mining continues to happen. Forests cover declined its size as from 1.18 million hectare in 2005 into 0.92 million hectares in 2019 in South Kalimantan. The landscape change has caused the declining absorption level of soil surface so that it lost is capacity to take in extreme downpour.

“What happened to South Kalimantan has worried us. The massive flooding actually happened due to our wrong deeds so far. We let our forests be taken away. This is not at all going along with our sustainable development commitment,” said Todung.

As to Todung, the perspective on global economy has been disrupted. Investors put ecological and social impact, including policy, into their considerations before making their investment. It is no wonder that the issuance of Job Creation Law has even made 35 global investors worried about the existence of Indonesian tropical forests. This ironical response comes up from investors which are on contrary to the government’s hope for making red carpet to lure investment when they drafted Job Creation Law. 

“Our forest is the key to attain the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as we must not cut them but preserve the forests,” Todung said. The world has been shifting. Blue economy and green economy have been growing and serving as the basis of global business players for both trade and investment.

Innovation is the ultimate key to sustainability. The challenge is, “Do we have passion to go there? As it takes time,” he said.

Editor: Leo Wahyudi

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