COVID-19 Prevention Supports Are Targeting To Food Security and Local Economic Empowerment

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Handover of COVID-19 prevention assistance to the Gane Dalam Puskesmas, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province, in the form of 10 sets of personal protective equipment.

Distribution of COVID-19 Prevention Supports to Eastern Indonesia is entering its second batch. Unlike the first batch that focused on public health, these supports were also targeting food security and local people’s livelihoods in order to support their daily economy during COVID-19.

“We started collecting funds last month and received a positive response from the public. This project will be the main locomotive for the implementation of our project, at least until the end of 2020,” said the CEO of the EcoNusa Foundation, Bustar Maitar.

EcoNusa Associate Program, Cory Adriani Kapa, explained that EcoNusa is working with groups of women in Seram, Maluku Province, and in Sorong, Papua Province, in making cloth masks. This collaboration aims to be an activity of economic empowerment amidst the weakening of the Indonesian economy during the pandemic. 

Before the collaboration started, the assessment process for the groups of women (called with “mama-mama” in native) in Maluku Province and North Maluku Province was coordinated by the School of Eco Involvement (SEI) Program Coordinator and the Maluku EcoNusa Regional Program Liaison, Carmelita Mamonto and the PakaTiva Association. As for Sorong City, the assessment process was assisted by the Papuan Flower Group.

“The funds raised for this second batch of Rp3.9 billion from the EIFF (Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility) Program and donations from PT Telkom Indonesia Wholesale Service Division amounting to Rp10 million. Currently, 500 sets of PPE (personal protective equipment) have arrived at the EcoNusa House. They will probably be delivered next week,” said Cory.

According to Cory’s statement, EcoNusa will work with the local Health Office to provide COVID-19 prevention education to the community. Beside using masks, it is also important to implement discipline health protocols in everyday life.

Meanwhile, regarding food security, Cory further said that EcoNusa will hold counseling to the community. The counseling will focus on how to fulfil their daily needs, especially providing food stocks independently during the pandemic; such as cultivating the land around the house with organic farming.

The EcoNusa Foundation would like to thank all those who took part during the process of raising funds and distributing the first batch of aid. Starting from April 29, 2020, the total funds collected amounted to Rp. 310,662,352 which came from community donations, the EcoNusa Foundation fund allocation, and donations from Packard Foundation donors.

The funds have been transferred to be 10,000 cloth masks and 500 complete sets of PPE consisting of protective coveralls, boots and shoe protectors, medical masks, face shields, goggles and gloves. An additional 20 PPE was also provided by the One Studio boutique.

The first batch of COVID-19 prevention supports arrived in Ternate, North Maluku Province, on June 19, 2020 as many as 13 koli. PPE supports have been delivered to medical staff at the Puskesmas (District Health Center) in six different sub-districts. Beside supporting medical personnel protective equipment, prevention supports were also distributed to the community in 10 villages in the form of 2,000 cloth masks.

Meanwhile, the aid that was distributed to Ambon City experienced a few obstacles due to stagnation distribution channels of goods. This is the result of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) implemented in Ambon City. The APD aid package arrived in Ambon City on June 15, 2020, but could only be sent further to Seram Island on July 10, 2020. Therefore, the distribution of aid to 11 villages and 7 Puskesmas on Seram Island could only be done on July 13, 2020.

For the acceptance of aid in Paniai Regency, Papua Province, Paniai Regent Meki Fritz Nawipa directly received cloth masks from EcoNusa which were to be given further to communities in the Mee Pago customary area. Meanwhile in Jayapura, the delivery of PPE sets and cloth masks was given to the representatives from the Kotaraja Community Health Center and the COVID-19 Task Force for the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Papua Province.

On the other hand, the process of distributing aid in Manokwari District refers to the COVID-19 red zone, based on the latest information from the COVID-19 Cluster of Manokwari Region. A total of 2,000 cloth masks were handed over specifically to religious institutions such as churches and mosques in Manokwari City and the Arfak Mountains.

Editor: Nina Nuraisyiah & V. Arnila Wulandani

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