Here Are Some Interesting Facts about the Coral Triangle

Have you ever heard of the coral triangle? Yup, Indonesia’s oceans are frequently described as being part of the coral triangle, indicating that it has a high level of marine biodiversity. But, do you know what the coral triangle area covers and what’s in it? Here are some fascinating facts about the coral triangle that […]

Fish in Indonesia That Are Considered Endangered and Must Be Protected

It comes as no surprise that Indonesian waters are rich in biodiversity. There are around 8,500 species of fish, 555 types of seaweed, and 950 coral reef biota in the oceans alone. In addition, fish can also be found in other water areas, such as rivers and lakes. That’s a lot, right?  Knowing this, we […]

Let’s Get to Know the Benefits of Seaweeds for the Environment

Who likes to eat processed seaweed, such as seaweed jelly, nori, and seaweed soup? For those who love eating seaweed, did you know that Indonesia has the largest seaweed ecosystem in the world? Yup, the total amount of seaweed habitat in Indonesia is 1.2 million hectares.Furthermore, a study stated that there are 555 different varieties […]

Why We Shouldn’t Eat Shark Fin

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and discovered that shark fin soup is on the menu? Have you ever tried it or eaten it? If it turns out that you have eaten shark fin, don’t do it again! It’s because in order to get the shark fin, the technique of shark finning can be […]

How Whales Can Help Us to Fight Climate Change

When you hear the word whales, what comes to mind? Whales, in addition to being the world’s largest mammal, are known to play an important role in maintaining the marine ecosystem’s balance. What’s more interesting is that study has also revealed that whales play a vital role in combating the present climate problem. Whoa, how could […]

Have You Heard of IUU FIshing? Let’s Get to Know More about It!

As the largest archipelagic country in the world which is dominated by the ocean, the potential of marine and fisheries in Indonesia cannot be doubted. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), in 2019, the value of Indonesian fishery exports reached IDR 73,631,883,000. making it one of the most prominent industries […]

4 New Marine Protected Areas in Maluku

For those of you who enjoy diving or admiring underwater beauty may already know that Maluku is one of Indonesia’s regions with extraordinary underwater diversity. To preserve this diversity, one of the government’s efforts is to establish the Marine Protected Areas (MPA). These conservation areas will be specifically preserved and managed through a zoning system […]

Let’s Get to Know the Danger of Microplastics on the Marine Ecosystem!

With the naked eye, we can see that there is a lot of plastic waste that we can encounter every day. In addition to single-use plastic bags, we can also find plastic in various forms, such as drink bottles, straws, food wrappers, sanitary napkins, and many others. A study published in the scientific journal Science […]

Get to Know Seagrass: Marine Plants with a Lot of Benefits

Have you ever heard of the seagrass ecosystem? Seagrass beds may not be as well-known as other underwater ecosystems like mangrove forests or coral reefs. However, this ecosystem actually also has many benefits! According to research undertaken by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in 2018, the area of seagrass in Indonesia that has been […]

Getting to Know Wanamina: The Combination of Aquaculture and Mangrove Conservation

Indonesia is known as a country with the largest mangrove forest area in the world. With a total area of about 3,311,208 hectares, mangrove forests in Indonesia account for 21% of the world’s total mangrove land. Preventing abrasion and erosion, providing a home for some animals, and absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions are […]

4 Tips on How to Be an Eco-Friendly Beach & Ocean Goer

Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation to one of Indonesia’s maritime tourism destinations? Indonesia’s underwater world, from Sabang to Merauke, is known for its beauty. We can witness many coral reefs and other rich and colorful marine life under the sea. No wonder that many people from all over the world desire to […]

4 Local Traditions of Protecting the Sea in Various Regions in Indonesia

With a sea area of nearly 3.2 million square kilometers, it’s no surprise that Indonesia’s underwater world is so rich. On the other hand, there are now a number of issues that have the potential to threaten its long-term sustainability, including waste problems, coastal conversion, illegal fishing, and so on. All of this indicates that […]

5 Interesting and Cool Facts about Coral Reefs You Should Know!

Raise your hand if you still haven’t figured out what coral reefs are! Is this a species of plant or an animal? Then, what are the advantages of coral reefs that require us to continue to protect and preserve them? Let’s have a look at these intriguing facts about coral reefs to clear things up […]

Wanamina: Fisheries Cultivation and Mangrove Conservation

Indonesia, apart from having the third largest tropical rain forest cover in the world, has the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry noted that the area of mangrove forests in Indonesia reached 3.49 million hectares in 2015, equivalent to 23% of the world’s mangrove ecosystems. Unfortunately, of the total […]

Securing Development, Preventing Ecology Disaster

The currently happening climate crisis has made nature unpredictable. Ecological disaster that has never happened has currently affected peoples. For the reason, it requires development planning and mitigation with all supports of stakeholders across sectors to make earth a comfy dwelling from climate crisis.  Yogyakarta-based Pembangunan Nasional University (UPN) Veteran’s Coordinator of Disaster Management Post […]

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