What is Carbon Footprint and How to Reduce It?

Lately, we may have  heard recommendations to calculate our carbon footprint and take steps to lessen it. The attempt to reduce carbon footprints aims to tackle global warming, which is still happening today. But, what exactly is a carbon footprint? What are the causes? Then, what are the most effective ways to reduce your carbon […]

Maluku Young Kewang Crafting Earth Defender Generation

Environmental problems emerge from human conundrum. Consequently, the resolution is based on human with eco-friendly behavior. One of the immediate attempts is by providing both formal and informal education.  “One of the informal educations is a School for Maluku Young Kewang which is expected to create man with care and friendliness to environment,” said Roy […]

Edor Village Website Launching, Progress for Data-based Local Planning

Kaimana Regency Communication and Information Office in collaboration with EcoNusa and Edor Village Government released official website for Edor Village on 31 May 2022. The website which is accessible at https://edor.kaimanakab.go.id will help expose any activity performed by the government and community of Edor Village. Website launching of Edor Village was officially done by Freddy […]