Indonesia Calls for Green Diplomat Role

In the end of August 2022, EcoNusa organized a School of Eco Diplomacy (SED) activity for the 35 shortlisted youngsters across from Indonesia. The goings-on here is deemed the EcoNusa’s effort to build the youth capacity so as to be a leading generation in promoting, conserving, and defending the diversity of culture and natural resources […]

Diplomacy Study via Social Media in National SED

Excitement filled the hall of Kinasih Resort at Depok, West Java, despite the late night. Laughs and claps of the enthusiastic 36 participants of the 2022 National School of Eco-Diplomacy continued to happen during the activity. That night they should present their footage produced by group. There were 10 groups assigned in the afternoon. Both […]

35 Indonesian Youths Prepared for Being Green Diplomat

Despite the country’s attribute for its ample biodiversity, empirically Indonesia’s nature is under threats of climate crisis and business practices that are not sustainable, exploitative, and destructive. Some of them are like mining and palm oil plantation expansion that have brought about forest degradation, as well as overfishing that destroys sea resources and ecosystems. On […]

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