Mama Yulita Turns Shrimp Heads Waste into Economic Value Products

Most of the people in Konda and Wamargege Village, Konda District, South Sorong Regency, Southwest Papua have a profession as shrimp fishermen. In one day, during good weather and the sea water level is not too high and not too low (meti konda), fishermen can catch more than 20 kilograms of shrimp. On the contrary, […]

Between the Shrimp Summoning Ritual and the Fgan Fen Sisi Cooperative

That morning in mid-June 2023 the sun finally appeared, a few days before the village was covered with a cloudy sky and heavy rain. Mama Ariance Habetan, one of the traditional elders of the Yaben tribe, together with several residents of Wamargege Village and Konda Village in South Sorong, Southwest Papua are preparing to perform […]

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