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A Travel Note: Attending Molo, A Traditional Fishing Method of Moi Kelim Tribe

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 was the 2nd day of the egek festival in Malaumkarta Village. The Egek Festival is a cultural festival initiated by the Moi Kelim people in the Malaumkarta Raya region which consists of five villages, namely Malaumkarta, Mibi, Malagufuk, Sawatut and Sawatolo. Egek is a tradition of the Moi Kelim tribe in […]

Retracting Egek, Looking at Moi Tribe’s Natural Deposit

People in Malaumkarta Village in Makbon District, Sorong, West Papua, got together that morning to celebrate a special moment. The ambience was more jam-packed than usual. Many elder people wore traditional outfits. They prepared kakes, an offer on a plate with betel nut, cigarette, sago, and yellow rice. Kakes was put on a table traditionally […]

Um Island, Symbol of Nature Sustainability

Tanah Papua has extensive biodiversity. Varied species of fauna resides in the island at the tip of eastern of Indonesia. One of them inhabits in Um Island nearby Sorong Mayoralty, West Papua. The white sandy island as one of the tourism destinations here serves as the home to various mammal and bird species. Um is […]

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