Travel Note: English Mentor Volunteer at Malagufuk Tourism Village

Malagufuk, attributed as an ecotourism village, is frequently visited by both domestic and international tourists. The village which is located at Makbon District, Sorong Regency in West Papua still has dense forests with plentiful fauna. The tourists usually came and stayed to watch cenderawasih bird dancing, Indonesian native kangaroo or locally called lau-lau, Papuan rangkong […]

Ecosystem Complexity Affecting Birds-of-Paradise Diversity and Endemicity

The nature ecosystem in Tanah Papua spreads throughout the underwater ecosystem, coastal, lowland, plateau to snow-covered mountains. According to the forming geographical history, the ecosystem complexity and diversity affect the number of endemic flora and fauna in Tanah Papua, including cenderawasih or birds-of-paradise. Their rainforests support biodiversity, diverse species of flora and fauna. Most of […]

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