Teuku Zacky: Loving Nature Starts from Family

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Promoting awareness on nature and loving surrounding environment can start from the domestic sphere. Home is the perfect place to start realizing that human depends much on nature. Early recognition to nature will give significant influence for child to grown up character development.

Such an awareness has motivated actor Teuku Zacky and his wife, Ilmira Usmanova, to design his house with green house concept. They arrange the interior layout in such a way that the sun lights into the house and minimize the dependence on fossil-based energy. There is also gardening area.

“This is environmental action we make and promote to myself and my family. Prior to building a larger issue, the small environment of my family should be improved first,” said Teuku Zacky to EcoNusa.

Teuku Zacky and Ilmira Usmanova decided to teach their children, Teuku Zio Zafiero and Aishakyra Zara, to do gardening from early childhood. At one of the corners, they apply hydroponic farming. The outdoor gardening areas are next to playing ground. Hydroponic area is also placed on the roof top.

Planting spices such as turmeric, ginger, chili, and vegetables is familiar to his children. They sometimes initiated to select the type of plant.

“They sometimes have someone to buy seeds and then plant them together. The fertilizer is from our processed organic waste. During the harvest time, we make the crop together. It is fascinating. We share the crops to the close relatives,” said Teuku.

Teuku said enthusiastically shared his experiences when he harvested watermelon. Two or three years ago he planted watermelon seedlings at his yard. With the abundant crops, he shared them to his neighbours and close relatives.

Teuku expected that he could promote awareness to nature and environment in a wider scope. As an Indonesian citizen, Teuku also said that he was proud of the Indonesian tropical forests as the third largest in the world. As to him, such pride should be maintained by all people and government.

“The government should discipline business people out there. Illegal logging, forest burning, waste littering are very fatal. Do not do just for money or profit. As to me, profit or business will only last for not so long. Meanwhile, the damages from indiscipline deeds could bring about long lasting impact with massive victims. That is the most important thing,” he said.

Editor: Leo Wahyudi & V. Wulandani Arnila

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