Yayasan Ekosistem Nusantara Berkelanjutan (Yayasan EcoNusa) merupakan  organisasi nirlaba yang bertujuan untuk memperbaiki pengelolaan sumber daya alam yang berkeadilan dan berkelanjutan di Indonesia dengan memberikan penguatan terhadap inisiatif lokal serta pengembangan kapasitas kelompok masyarakat untuk mewujudkan visi yayasan. Untuk meningkatkan kualitas program, pencapaian perubahan yang diinginkan serta mendukung berbagai inisiatif lokal, Yayasan EcoNusa menyiapkan Program […]

Ocean Harmony

We are focusing on the issues of encouraging sustainable management on the oceans, including better management of fisheries. To build leadership from the community is one of the primary keys, while single-use plastic waste is an essential angle in creating public awareness. EcoNusa will continue to develop leadership at the local and national levels, especially […]


Indonesia has the last frontier of the tropical forest and marine ecosystems that  lies in Papua and Maluku regions with the remaining the pristine forest and rich marine biodiversity. However, they are under the looming threat of deforestation, exploitative behaviours, and poverty due to limited accesses to local resources, education, health, and infrastructure. Despite the […]


The eastern parts of Indonesia still have relatively intact forests in the Land of Papua and Maluku Islands. Forests in Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku stretch out 38,660,805.42 hectares or 44 percent of the total forests cover in Indonesia. On the other hands, these areas have plantation concessions for 1,728,365 hectares. Concession and […]


Bi-monthly event to introduce best practices from the Land of Papua, particularly in regards to community-based conservation.  To date, forests around the globe has been reduced in size at the alarming rate due to massive extractive industries and land conversion activities. Million hectares of forests disappear every year including Indonesia. Various measures have been taken […]