Jayapura Youth Camp 2023

28 youth from Jayapura, Papua received training on the ecological crisis and mentoring to advocate their voices and concerns to protect forest and marine ecosystems through the Youth Camp. For 3 days the training focused on providing an understanding of the threat of ecological damage and digital campaigns as well as community discussions. After the […]

EcoNusa Finance, Procurement and HR Workshop

Capacity building is important for EcoNusa to maintain its team and organizational credibility. One of the routine capacity building efforts is carried out through workshops on finance, procurement procedures and human resources 9 – 11 May 2023. As many as 30 participants from the operations team and regional offices of the EcoNusa Foundation took part […]

Community-based Economy Empowerment with Nutmeg Trade

Empowerment of community-based economy through Cooperatives establishment is one of EcoNusa’s main concerns. Last week, EcoNusa support the delivery of 12.3 tons Nutmegs with ABCD and SS grades, produced by several local cooperatives in Ambon, Maluku, to local buyer through KOBUMI.

Manokwari Youth Camp 2023

Environmentally consious young generations play important role in reducing climate crisis. Youth community called EcoDefender collaborated with Environmental Service of Manokwari District and supported by EcoNusa, conducted a Manokwari Youth Camp of 2023. This 3-day activity was also collaborated with Violaceoflavens and Smilax Gank (30/3-1/4). 20 youth of Manokwari District joint this training and learnt […]

EcoDefender Initiation of “Sasi” in Lemon Island

Youth community EcoDefender, facilitated by Geraja Kristen Indonesia Bahtera Utrecht initiated “Sasi”, a tradition law that prohibits local people to collect and consume natural resources in their area, within a mutually agreed timeframe. This “sasi” was implemented at Nusmapi Island that also known as Lemon Island in Manokwari, West Papua. This prohibition was started from […]

The Training of Wild Boar Meet Sausage Processing in Collaboration with Lingkar Jerat Cooperative in Kalawasi District, Sorong, Southwest Papua

The Lingkar Jerat Papua Cooperative as a community-based economic institution is engaged in the production of several wild boar meat products. Not only processed as the cut meat, wild boar meat that received by the Lingkar Jerat Papua Cooperative from local communities, are also processed into pork sausages which are branded as “Bleef”. On March […]

#AksiMudaJagaIklim – Mangrove Planting at Sederhana Beach, Muara Gembong

EcoNusa with fellow Penjaga Laut and EcoDefender conducted Mangrove Planting in Kampung Muara Jaya, Pantai Sederhana, Muara Gembong, Bekasi, West Java (18/3). 35 young people participated including local communities in Muara Gembong and influencers. 1.000 red mangrove seedlings were planted to help reducing sea level raising aroung Muara Gembong due to climate crisis.

Sail to Campus – Pelita Harapan University

A discussion of “Mangrove, A Super Solution” was conducted by Penjaga Laut and EcoNusa through Sail To Campus program (13/3) in Pelita Harapan University (UPH). 50 International Relations students joint the discussion with 4 speakers from Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, Head of Muara Gembong karang Taruna and Lecturer of UPH.

Kewang Muda Maluku 2023

Kewang is an institution of customary law in Maluku with role to protect both land and ocean ecosystems. Adopting the kewang philosophy, EcoNusa Foundation together with Moluccas Coastal Care held the Kewang Muda Ambon at the Camping Ground in Suli Village, Central Maluku on March 8-11 2023. 20 young people from Maluku were participated to […]

Ternate Youth Camp 2023

The youth generation plays an important role as agents to preserve ecosystems including minimize the negative impacts on climate crisis. To enhance their “sense of crisis” towards environmental issues as well as developing their capacity, EcoNusa Foundation together with Perkumpulan PakaTiva held a Climate Camp on Pulo Tareba, Ternate City on 10-12 March 2023. A […]

Vanilla Cultivation Village School in Keerom and Jayapura

Communities in Keerom Regency and Jayapura Regency have been cultivating vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) for years. However, they have not yet got optimal results due to the lack of information on vanilla cultivation. EcoNusa Foundation with Perkumpulan terbatas untuk Pengkajian dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Adat Papua (Pt.PPMA) initiated series of trainings through Vanilla Cultivation Village Schools on […]

FPIC and Participatory Mapping Trainings

FPIC and participatory mapping trainings were conducted at LC Mibi, Sorong District (27 February – 01 March 2023). More than 30 participants were actively involved, which were from Manokwari District (9 participants), Tambrauw District (13 participants), Perkumpulan Ekozona (3 participants), EcoDefender (3 participants) and EcoNusa. These workshop were trained by Kasmita Widodo for participatory mapping […]

Sail to Campus – Nusantara Maritime Academy, Cilacap

Discussions with university students in Cilacap city was conducted by EcoNusa and Penjaga Laut community through Sail To Campus (23/2). This 1-day sharing session was collaborated with Akademi Maritim Nusantara (AMN) campus with topic of “Preserving Ocean, Protecting Earth”. More than 200 university students from several univerities in Cilacap attended the fruitful discussion, with 4 […]

Village School Program at Wesrar dan Tapiri, Teminabuan – South Sorong Regency

For local communities in Wersar & Tapiri Villages, South Sorong Region, Southwest Papua, vegetables are not just food but also as one of main source of their daily income. As a support to realizing village independece, EcoNusa initiated a village school activity related to agricultural management, on 7-10 February 2023. 55 people from Wersar and […]

Momotoa Goes to School – SMA Muhammadiyah 14 Jakarta Pusat

Momotoa Goes to School is an environmental socialization activity regarding the condition of forests in Eastern Indonesia and its relation to climate change. This regular activity of EcoNusa was conducted in a fun and educative way. One of the destination of Momotoa Goes to School was SMA Muhammadiyah 14 Jakarta. This session aim to provide […]

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