License Revocation Hearsay, A Spirit Booster

By end of 2021, there were many records to reflect for us with the spirit of being there among the communities in the eastern of Indonesia. In the 20th National Games (PON) in Papua in October 2021, President Joko Widodo mentioned that Tanah Papua is a little paradise descended to earth. The national games and […]

EcoNusa CEO: Returning Rights to Indigenous People Should Come after License Revocation

President Joko Widodo revoked problematic licenses of mining, forestry, and the use of state property. This measure was taken to improve natural resources for equal, transparent management while improving gap and natural degradation. “We revoke the licenses which are unused, unproductive, and transferred to other party, and not in line with their allocations and against […]

Long Road (to Run) behind Victory

“We won!” screamed a lawyer of the Sorong Regent on the phone. It gave relief after few days of waiting for the court verdict. It sounds normal to enjoy the announced victory despite the fact that the plaintiff might appeal to higher court. However, the toil of team work was paid. Jayapura Administrative Court (PTUN) […]

Zeth Wonggor, David Gibbs, Ecotourism Pioneers (Part I)

A white man yelled amidst the dense jungle in Syoubri Village in the former Irian Jaya Province (that is now called West Papua Province). The man looked for Zeth Wongor, a youngster living in a small hut in the jungle. When found, they stared each other. Breaking the silence, the white man spoke briefly, “I […]

Here Are 3 Ecotourism Spots to Visit in Papua

Who doesn’t enjoy vacationing in natural tourism destinations? After being busy doing many kinds of work, it must be wonderful to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. However, we need to make sure that what we do on vacation do not harm the environment. For those of you who wish to go on holiday […]