Report on the Implementation of the Land of Papua Ecotourism Workshop

We hope this training is a stepping stone for the advancement of ecotourism in Papua. Through ecotourism, forests and the sea can support the future of local communities. By ensuring forests and seas remain “healthy” unwittingly also supports the government in supporting changes in Papua’s forests estimating 5.5 Gigatons of Carbon that is still stored […]

Hunting for Wild Boar, Conservation of Leatherback Turtles

Pigs and wild boars are considered to have a special place in the social and cultural life of the people in Tanah Papua. Wild Boar (Bos Suscrofa) was originally brought by immigrants from Sulawesi (BBM / Bugis-Buton-Makassar) to the tropical forests of the Land of Papua, which until now has been multiplying very rapidly. Unfortunately […]