EcoNusa has developed a network of regional and local implementing partners consisting of independent organizations and will work with our partners to identify opportunities to promote local sustainable entrepreneurial activities that respect and improve indigenous livelihoods and rights while providing tangible conservation results. We will create a system for identifying and empowering local sustainable entrepreneurial activities and work with a select number of entrepreneurs to promote their activities and proposals with private companies and non-profit organizations with the goal of creating new financially independent sustainable businesses and economies.

We will utilize an asset based approach to identify and harness a community’s skills, resources, and strengths, and respond to new demand-driven opportunities from local leaders and entrepreneurs to seize upon innovative sustainable economic opportunities as they arise. While working initially to understand a local community’s assets and promoting their strengths we will utilize a system that increasingly encourages entrepreneurs to directly access opportunities for independent financial investment and assistance.

First, we will identify potential product that can be easily produce by indigenous community and also can drive directly strengthen the forest protections effort and deliver sustainable income for indigenous community. The indigenous product can be easily and produce by local community such as Sago, Nutmeg, Wild boar, Damar gum (Tree Resin) and forest base tourism like birdwatching and forest trekking.

Second, we will identify, support, and promote individual sustainable entrepreneurs by advancing their economic opportunities through greater market access with the goal of enabling them to be fiscally secure and independent. We will focus on young and women entrepreneurs and creating a network of young and women entrepreneurs.

Second, we will enable and support the creation of independent indigenous networks and platforms that promote independent sustainable enterprises throughout Papua and Maluku Regions through greater collaboration, trainings, support including market access and supply chain. Throughout our actions we will focus on the production of sustainably produced goods and serviced that improve local indigenous and community livelihoods while delivering tangible conservation benefits.

Third, we will build collecting point in at least in the three key locations. This collecting point is a key to store community product before goes to the end market and to control the quantity and quality.

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