Microplastics Exist in Salt and Contaminate the Human Body

Unfortunately, the use of plastic is close to our daily lives. Data shows that 90 percent of food products packaging use plastic materials. Plastic pollution is still a big scourge that haunts the world, including Indonesia. The National Waste Management Information System records that in 2022, out of 17,834,071.68 tons of waste originating from 145 […]

Rika Wishes Peoples to Consume Healthy Fish

Microplastic is plastic particle or fibre of less than 5 millimetres that could pose environmental pollution. There two kinds of microplastic, primary and secondary microplastics. The primary microplastic is polyethylene bids found mostly in cosmetics products and widely known as plastic bag. Microplastic could be found in the daily consumed food and water and this […]

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